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A minor in Russian is a strong complement to any major. If you are a business major looking to broaden your horizons, a working knowledge of the language can open doors to new opportunities. If you are studying engineering, knowledge of the Russian language and culture could lead to opportunities in high-tech sectors including nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and aerospace. If you are majoring in the arts or humanities, mastering Russian will deepen your understanding and appreciation for the rich heritage of Russian art, dance, literature and music.

Minor in Russian - Requirements

Twenty credits to include:

Four courses in Russian at the 2000- and/or 3000-level


*Upcoming changes to Requirements for the Minor in Russian (2021-2022 catalogue)*

  • 20 credit hours of course work in Russian starting at the intermediate level (RUSS 2100/2100) or higher. (WLIT 2250 Russian Literature in Translation can substitute for one upper level course.)