Geography 196 Field Trip

Studying abroad is a profoundly enriching educational experience and geography majors are especially encouraged to do so. Spending time in a foreign country will enrich your education and provide you with an extraordinary set of experiences from which to draw on while at UVM and after you leave. These might include learning a foreign language, acquiring a set of cultural competencies that will serve you well in your future career, or undertaking field work in a physical setting outside of the United Sates.

The first step is imagining where in the world you would like to go! Would you like to develop a regional specialty, build language skills, live and take classes in a particular setting (the tropics, a mountainous region)? Next you can begin to explore options through the Office of International Education (OIE) and by talking to your academic advisor.

Study abroad experiences can be tailored to fit your schedule. Student may choose to study abroad:

  •     For a full semester, usually by taking courses at another university or program.
  •     By undertaking a summer study abroad experience which might be through UVM or through another institution
  •     By participating in a Faculty Led Study/Travel course over a 2-week winter recess or during a summer session.

The Office of International Education is the first place to visit before you study abroad. This office has a staff of study abroad advisors to assist you, a library of information on a wide variety of programs, and comment sheets from UVM students who describe their own study abroad experiences.

Search the iAbroad on-line database to find information about abroad programs throughout the world.

Take a look below to see some previous and current study abroad offerings in Geography.


Reading Grass Páramo in the High Andes

Stuart White's class in the Paramos of Ecuador

Looking for adventure?  Reading Grass Páramo: The High Andes Underfoot  is a 3-credit travel course offered in the Spring Semester. A field trip during Spring Break to páramos of Ecuador (in Sanguay, Cajas, and Chimborazo National Parks) will give students an intimate feel for these magnificent and intense landscapes. The class is taught by Stuart White (Email), a geographer who has lived and hiked Ecuadorian páramos for the past three decades.

Politics of Land Use in Ecuador

Stuart White's Politics of Land Use class in Ecuador

This Winter Break study-abroad and service-learning course focuses on issues of land use, distribution, and reform in Ecuador. Today, social movements in Ecuador are at the global forefront of grassroots political organization and egalitarian land reform. This two-week-long course provides students with an experiential introduction to the Andean region through the historical, cultural, political, ecological, and physical geography of Ecuador. During the trip you will stay with families, engage in participatory agricultural work, listen to lectures from Ecuadorian scholars and officials, visit to institutions, and embark on guided hikes.


Geography of Peace and Conflict in Belfast

Pablo Bose and Jack Estrin

The Geography of Peace and Conflict in Belfast delves into the some of the key issues and complexities that surround one of the most longstanding and protracted conflicts of the 20th century – the sectarian, economic, and political struggles that engulfed Northern Ireland (and its surrounding regions) for decades. Previously offered both as an online class and a hybrid travel course that culminates in a trip to Belfast, the course moves beyond the rhetoric and common myths about this period to explore diverse perspectives on violence and turmoil as well as on the cautious peace that followed. In particular, students explore the roots of the conflict in the context of British imperialism, Irish nationalism, uneven development, industrialization and urbanization (versus agrarian and rural lifestyles), and gain an awareness for the different visions embraced by various political factions.

Oaklawn Foundation Study Abroad Award

This scholarship offers Geography majors the opportunity to subsidize their study abroad experience through the generous support of the Oaklawn Foundation. Students may use the funds toward costs of a travel course or study abroad experience through the Geography Department or an affiliated program at UVM, or through a program whose transfer credits are recognized by UVM (e.g. SIT, Butler, IHP). Funds may be spent within three semesters of application.


  • Geography majors with at least 9 hrs in Geography by time of departure
  • Completion of at least 60 credit hours overall by departure
  • Minimum 3.25 GPA in Geography
  • Completion of iAbroad preparation in time for departure

More about the application process and requirements (PDF).

Applications are due by Friday, March 26, 2021 at 4pm.

*In AY20-21, we are using a portion of Oaklawn Foundation funding to award Geography students undertaking unpaid Summer 2021 internships through the Career Center Scholarship process.