Exploring space and place.

It is not unusual for geographers to be asked what it is they "do." In response, geographers often say that we study the "why of where." This is a shorthand way of saying that geographical curiosity is grounded by an enduring interest in the patterns of human and natural phenomena, and the interaction of both, as they are manifested in particular locations, environments, and places.

Geography seniors,

If you’re thinking about graduate school in human or environmental geography, see below for (rare!) fully funded MA and PhD opportunities at one of the leading graduate geography departments in the US. Contact Prof. Zook directly for more information: 

Geography students on a field trip

Engaged in the Field

The Department of Geography and Geosciences offers a multitude of opportunities for students, from pursuing internships off-campus to working one-on-one with faculty on research projects. UVM Geography and Geosciences prepares you for life after graduation with exciting hands-on field experiences in both physical and human geography disciplines, and many undergraduate research and internship opportunities.

Geography faculty member meets with students

World-Class Faculty

The Geography and Geosciences faculty include experts in the fields of physical geography (geomorphology, hydrology, climatology), human geography (urban and rural geography, environment-society relations, spatial justice, political ecology), and methods of analysis including Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Qualitative Research Methods. Our faculty are dedicated to working one-on-one with undergraduates, and teach all their own classes in addition to conducting groundbreaking faculty research.

UVM Geography Spring Travel Course to Ecuador

Exciting Opportunities

More geographers than ever before are employed in exciting jobs that combine analytical skills with revolutionary technology like satellite images, remote sensing, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in laboratories, offices, and the field. Because of its interdisciplinary and hands-on approach, a degree in geography prepares you for a myriad of career paths, from environmental consulting to international development work and beyond.