Geospatial Technologies Lab

Geospatial Technologies Lab

The Department of Geography's Geotechniques lab houses resources for teaching and research in geospatial technologies. The lab is equipped with 24 thin clients running state-of-the-art software for GIS, remote sensing, and statistical analysis.

Examples of courses taught in the lab include:

  •     GEOG 081: Geospatial Concepts & Visualization
  •     GEOG 085: Introduction to Remote Sensing
  •     GEOG 184: Geographic Information: Concepts & Applications
  •     GEOG 185: Remote Sensing
  •     GEOG 287: Spatial Analysis
  •     GEOG 246: Advanced Topics in Climate and Water
  •     GEOG 281: Advanced Topics in GIS and Remote Sensing

Research by faculty and students using the lab include projects on climate science, land use/landcover change, water resources, transportation, and spatial justice. The Geospatial Technologies Lab is open to geography major and minors during non-scheduled class times.

Software suite:

  •     ArcGIS v. 10.2
  •     TerrSet
  •     ENVI v. 5.3
  •     SPSS v. 22
  •     JMP v.11 Pro
  •     Google Earth
  •     NASA Worldwind

Geography materials in Bailey/Howe Library

The University library contains a collection of about 150,000 maps and atlases as well as being a regional depository for government documents.

    B/H Library map room
    B/H Library website