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Many of our students take advantages of the variety of learning opportunities the School of World Languages and Cultures and the university offer, from learning communities and study abroad to special events and more.

Study Abroad

Students in our program take advantage of the study abroad opportunities in many countries available through UVM’s membership in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). Another option is to spend a semester abroad in Saint Germain-en-Laye near Paris.

Cultural Crossroads

At UVM, all students are encouraged to be part of a learning community in which students live and study together around an area of shared interest under the guidance of faculty and staff. The Global Connections learning community is often of interest to those in our program. It is for students interested in global citizenship via the exploration of culture, language, and lifestyle. For those who want a deeper dive into a world languages-themed program, the World Languages Scholars learning community supports students who are passionate about exploring foreign languages and cultures. Each semester, students in the program take one course in a language other than English and one theme-based seminar with the entire cohort.

Honor Societies and Student Groups

Italian - Gamma Kappa Alpha

French - Pi Delta Phi

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