Rapport between a student and advisor adds an experienced and knowlegeable dimension to long-range academic planning.

you are a major or minor in one of our programs,
you are thinking about studying abroad in a country where French or Italian is spoken,
you have questions about the placement test,
or you just want to learn more about our program and student opportunities,
We are here to answer your questions! 
Your current advisor appears on myUVM under the Advising link.
Plan to meet during office hours or contact them directly for an appointment.

Your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues pertaining to your major.

faculty member Mazzoni with student graduate
Faculty advisors are an invaluable resource in planning a schedule of courses and ensuring that your course selections meet graduation requirements, so plan to meet with them. However, you are ultimately responsible for deciding which courses to take and whether they meet degree requirements. Read the requirements carefully!
Things to discuss with your advisor:
Course selection for the upcoming semester
Career options
Any problems or concerns that may affect your academic performance

Faculty advisors can also assist with study abroad transfer credit.

If you are planning to take French or Italian while studying abroad, the transfer advisor for that language can help you select your classes and evaluate how they will transfer back to UVM.

French Transfer Advisor: Professor Ching Selao

Italian Transfer Advisor: Professor Cristina Mazzoni

How are students assigned an advisor?

First-year students are assigned a professional advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean's Office. Students beyond the first year who have a declared major are assigned a faculty advisor within their declared field. Minors in French and Italian who wish to have a minor advisor should contact the program to request one. CAS Student Services can also help with other resources, including advising and support concerning student health, writing and learning skills, general career planning, academic accommodations, and more.