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Interdisciplinary, student-centered education

The Mission

To alert people to the state of global and local environments and opportunities for action by advocating, demonstrating, and inspiring environmentally sustainable activities and ways of thinking. 

To nurture and encourage a deep respect for Earth and the community of life in all its diversity, and a greater understanding of Earth's dynamic physical, biological, and social processes

To demonstrate and encourage a commitment to social and economic justice, equity, and respect for cultural diversity.

To serve as a university-wide center for innovative thinking and interdisciplinary learning on the environment, complementing the strengths of disciplinary units across campus and working collaboratively with them to build and interactive network of faculty, staff, and students committed to environmental educaiton, research, and action. 

To provide students with an intellectual learning environment that fosters creative and independent thinking, mature self-reflection, integrative scholarship and collaboration, through classes, fieldwork, research, and internships. 

To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to be active, effective, and responsible citizens of the social and natural communities whose future they will help shape. 

  • Core principles

    • Interdisciplinary approach to understanding
    • Commitment to high-impact experiential learning
    • Joy of creative teaching
    • Sustainability in all things
    • Catalysts for change

Scholarship, teaching, advising, and service are the hallmark of UVM's Environmental Program. Our interdisciplinary approach is to support students by designing individualized courses of study based on interest and skill level.

The strength of the Environmental Studies Program, starts with the faculty and the work they do to advance interdisciplinary environmental thinking. Their areas of expertise range from ecocritical media studies to forest carbon markets. Our faculty's interdisciplinary research sets the bar and serves as a model for student research, whether in course projects, senior capstones, or independent studies.

Our program goals for our students are that they can:

Demonstrate a deep understanding of the scope, scale, and multiple dimensions of current environmental challenges.

Demonstrate the ability to apply interdisciplinary approaches to critically evaluate environmental challenges and solutions.

Understand how people from diverse walks of life value, engage with, and are affected by environmental challenges.

Actively engage in steps to solutions to environmental challenges using scientific, creative and entrepreneurial approaches.

Touring UVM: Environment and Sustainability