• river winding through the Vermont mountains

    Environmental Studies is a community of ideas, scholars, teachers, and engagement that encompasses the UVM campus, the state of Vermont, and the world at large.  The Environmental Studies community includes anyone at UVM with an interest in environmental sustainability and justice.

The Fellowship in Restoration Ecologies and Cultures Launches Fall 2022

In the fall of 2022, an inaugural program in Restoration Ecologies and Cultures will be launched. Students in the cohort will take two classes: a fall course in Landscape Restoration and Leadership, taught by Amy Seidl, and Community-based Conservation and Culture, taught in spring by Cherie Morse. The Fellowship aims to build a community of students skilled in landscape restoration as well as the socio-cultural dimensions of re-establishing degraded lands and waterways. Students will design a restoration project, assist in restoration projects with community partners, and reflect on human reciprocity with the natural world. The program is funded through a Faculty Grant from the H.D. Thoreau Foundation.

group of  students making up Fellowship in Restoration Ecologies and Cultures