Engineering student

Advanced course-based integration of interdisciplinary environmental skills and knowledge

The senior capstone experience in ENVS integrates student course work, skills, and experience across the interdisciplinary exposure of the ENVS curriculum, and provides an in-depth learning engagement. It continues to build upon the student's individually-designed program with advanced (200-level) coursework. 


  • Integrate ideas and information form various sources and diverse perspectives
  • Analyze the elements of an idea, experience, or theory
  • Synthesize and organize ideas, information, or experience
  • Critically assess the value of information
  • Apply theories to practical problems or new situations

Preparing your proposal

  1. Record the course name and course number of each selection.
  2. Consider how previous courses and experiences informed the selection of your capstone courses.
  3. Craft personal goals and intended learning outcomes.

When you're ready

Choose three advanced level courses in consultation with your advisor and approval from the associate director. 

Submit Advanced Capstone Proposal


December 1st for May Graduation

May 1st for December Graduation