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Putting your education into action

The Environmental Program believes in experiential learning. Internships are a fantastic way to apply the knowledge from your coursework. Put theory into practice, develop professional skills, and expand your professional network through an internship for academic credit. 

  • The Process

    1. Consult with either ENVS co Director to be an advisor for your internship.
    2. Connect with organizations, apply for internships, secure a position
    3. Meet with your faculty advisor and agree on deliverables appropriate to your specific internship.
    4. Submit the ENVS 2991/3991 proposal form
    5. Register for ENVS 2991/3991 credit
    6. Complete the internship and submit deliverables to your faculty mentor
    7. Send evaluation form to internship supervisor.

The amount of credit earned for an internship is based on the number of hours of work for a given internship. 


45 hours = 1 credit

  • Establish a total hours estimate with the sponsoring organization before you start.
  • Document your time and the work that you do.

Supervisor Evaluation Form