DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ENVS1500AIntro to Environmental Studies

Environment-Related Introductory Courses
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ALE1210AIntro to Agroecology
ANTH1100ACultural Anthropology
GEOG  1200AWeather, Climate, and Landscapes
GEOG1760AGlobal Environments & Cultures
GEOG1780ASociety, Place, and Power
GEOL1020ALASP: Mountains to Lake (with Lab)
GEOL1100AEarth Through Time
SEP2410AIntro to Ecological Economics
SEP2530AIntro to Environmental Policy



Environmental Humanities
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ARTS2600A, BDigital At and Ecology
ENGL1270AGender Sexuality & Environmental Literature
ENGL1702A, BWriting Place in Creative Non Fiction
ENGL2348AFrankenstien & Climate Change
ENVS2220/GSWS 2811AEcofeminism
ENVS3990ACapitalism & the Wild
HST1370AGlobal Environmental History
PHIL1630A, BEnvironmental Ethics
REL1700ADefending Sacred Earth
Environmental Natural Sciences
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ALE2120A, BWeed Ecology & Management
ALE2370ALandscape Design Fundamentals
ALE2610AFundamentals of Soil Science
ALE2990APlant Based Healing Medicine
BCOR2100AEcology and Evolution
FOR2570AWildland Fire
NR 2030AEcology, Ecosystems & the Environment
NRNR 2300 / NR 2990BLandscape Restoration & Leaders
GEOL2405AEnvironmental Geochemistry
PBIO2330AHow Plants Can Save the World
Environmental Social Sciences
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ANTH2110ADigital Anthropology
ANTH2110BMyths, Legends, and Horrors
CDAE2020ASustainable Community Development
HLTH2070AHuman Health & the Environment
NR2040ASocial Proc & the Environment
POLS2460AUS Environmental Politics
SEP2410AIntro to Ecological Economics**
SEP2530AIntro to Env. Policy

DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ALE3210ASustainable Orchard Management
ALE2371A, BLandscape Design Studio
ALE3120AAdvanced Agroecology
FOR4990ACommunity Based Forestry
NR4080ABirding to Change the World
NR2300/2990BLandscape Restoration & Leaders
CAS2920ACOP: Sustainable Urban Planning
CAS2920DCOP: Environmental Stewardship


ENVS Electives for Fall 2024
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse Title
ALE1360AIllustrating Botanicals
ASCI2600AZoos, Exotics & Endagered Species
CDAE2990AComplexity in Food Systems
NFS1073AFarm to Table: Food Systems
CDAE2140AFilm for Social Change
Upper Level Courses
DepartmentCourse NumberSectionCourse title
ALE3120AAdvanced Agroecology
CDAE3370AEconomics of Sustainablity**
ENVS3990ACapitalism and the Wild
FOR4990ACommunity Based Forestry
GEOG3760ARural Nature
NR4080ABirding to Change the World
SEP3930AEnvironmental Law
SEP3990ATraditional Ecological Knowledge
SEP3990BBiodiversity Law
SEP4200ALandscape Ecology
SEP3880AEcological Design & Living Technology

** Counts as Economic Breadth for juniors and seniors who have this requirement in their degree