The University of Vermont is a collaborative partner on the first joint food systems research center with the USDA Agricultural Research Service.  As a leader in food systems research, UVM hosts a food systems research summit, to bring together UVM, USDA, and other partners and researchers.

Summit 2024

The UVM Food Systems Research Summit will return on September 16th and 17th, 2024.

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The UVM Food Systems Summit is a convening of food systems researchers in beautiful Burlington, Vermont! Our primary goal is to bring together researchers to foster networking opportunities and facilitate mutual learning towards solutions-oriented food systems research.

The summit has three key aims:

  • Establishing an annual event dedicated to engaged food systems research and collaboration. We aim to provide a platform for in-depth discussions on solutions for food system sustainability, equity, and resilience.
  • Showcasing transdisciplinary food systems research conducted both at UVM and beyond, made possible through our unique partnership with the USDA ARS. This collaboration allows us to explore a wide range of perspectives and possibilities in addressing food systems challenges.
  • Cultivating a strong regional community of food systems researchers committed to team-based, stakeholder-engaged science. By fostering this community, we hope to strengthen the collective efforts in driving positive change in food systems on a regional and broader scale.


In November 2023, the UVM Food Systems Research Center hosted the Food Systems Summit, convening over eighty researchers dedicated to advancing the field. The Summit's primary goal was to nurture collaboration and community among food systems researchers in the Northeast. Given the transdisciplinary nature of food systems research, spanning disciplines from soil science to social science and biology to data science, the event posed the overarching question, "Can Collaborative Research Save Food Systems?" Read more about that event here.


The Food Systems Summit has played an important role at UVM. Beginning in 2012, the inaugural summit laid the groundwork for this gathering of researchers and facilitating the exchange of knowledge.We are reviving and expanding upon this great work. Review video and papers from those conferences here.

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