A Survey of Burlington Buildings Surviving from 1853 to 1869

Section 3

South of Pearl, West of Church, North of King, East of the Waterfront
Including the Area North of Battery Park Bordered by North and Front Streets

by Kim Balserus

Bank Street

117 Bank Street

139 Bank Street


Battery Street

156-158 Battery Street

162 Battery Street


Cherry Street

70-72 Cherry Street


Church Street

57-75 Church Street


Front Street

18-20 Front Street

34-36 Front Street

42-44 Front Street

48 Front Street

64-66 Front Street


North Street

19-21 North Street

23 North Street

27-29 North Street


North Avenue

14-20 North Avenue

48 North Avenue

58 North Avenue


St. Paul Street

First Baptist Church


This is a short history of a section of Burlington, Vermont. The UVM Historic Preservation students of the class of 2004 were given the task of researching structures in Burlington to find out which buildings constructed between 1853 and 1869 are still standing today. This section of Burlington was the center of commerce during this time. The waterfront was used for shipping and the booming lumber business. Church Street and the surrounding area housed many different shops and hotels. Many of the houses in this section were rented or owned by laborers, many of whom worked for the lumber companies. The following is a site map of the area:


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