This is a masonry structure with a flat or very shallow hipped roof. It is currently divided up into several offices. The building is located on the corner of Bank and St. Paul Streets. The Vermont Historic Sites and Structures Survey has the construction date listed as c. 1855. It was the first house on the block. For quite a few years the building was owned or used by Dr. J.E. Taggart. In 1893 he seems to have lived at 139 Bank Street but worked at 73 Church Street. He had a partnership with J.H. Jackson. Both were dentists. In 1894 Taggart moved his home to 73 Church Street, but seems to have retained ownership of 139 Bank Street because it is listed in the Burlington City Directory as his office in later years. In 1900 Taggart was removed to Dresden, Germany and 139 Bank Street was rented out for several years. Taggart returned to the United States in 1901, and in 1905 used this building as his office until 1936 or 37 when he died. Charles Taggart continued using this address until 1958 or 59.

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