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Need more information? Contact Professor Greg Bottoms, Director of Undergraduate Advising. Consult UVM Career Services for additional information on finding internships.

Internships can receive between 3 and 6 credit hours per semester. Approximately 10-12 hours a week equal 3 credit hours; 20-25 hours a week equal 6 credit hours. It requires the signature of the on-site supervisor of your work and those of your advisor, faculty sponsor and English Department chair. Generally, you will be asked to write about your experience for your faculty sponsor.

Common internships for English majors in the Burlington area include radio and TV stations, publishers, magazines and newspapers, as well as some on-campus offices, such as the University Communications Office.

Internships can count towards total hours in the major, but cannot count as fulfilling the specific requirements of the major and must be sponsored by a faculty member in the English department. After obtaining all required signatures, you will need to enroll in either ENGS 191 or 192.

Complete an internship form (PDF)

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