University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English


Master's in English - Fall 2015 Graduate Seminars

  • ENGS 320A Joyce and Modernism; Professor Tom Simone, R 4:35-7:35

  • ENGS 345A Practicum In Teaching Writing; Professor Elizabeth (Libby) Miles, T/R 2:50-4:05

  • ENGS 360A History of the Book; Professor Dona Brown, T 4:35-7:35

  • ENGS 360B The Meditative Lyric; Professor Dan Fogel, T 4:35-7:35

  • ENGS 350A Survey of Lit Theory and Criticism; Professor Hyon Joo Yoo, W 4:05-7:05

Master's in English - Spring 2016 Graduate Seminars

  • ENGS 320 A Shakespeare; Professor Barnaby

  • ENGS 330 B The Victorian Novel; Professor Sarah Alexander

  • ENGS 330A The Early US Novel; Professor Elizabeth Fenton

  • ENGS 340A Writing Center Theory and Practice; Professor Nancy Welch



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