University of Vermont


Welcome to the CATcard Office!

CATcard is the official identification card for students, faculty and staff at the University of Vermont.
  • It provides access to CAT$cratch, UVM's prepaid debit account.
  • It functions for dining, library and fitness access.
  • It can be programmed for door access and it functions as a bus pass for the CCTA.


New Students that need a CATcard click on the following link:

WEBcard Center



Make a Web Deposit

UVM's Prepaid debit account, it is safe and convenient to use!

Student Advantage

Purchase Student Advantage to get discounts on travel, clothes, books, school supplies, computers and much more!


WEBcard Center and WEBcard Mobile

It is easy to set up and easy to use!

  • Flag your card lost or found.
  • Submit your CATcard picture
  • Check your transaction history and balance.
  • See if the laundry is available in your residential hall.


Last modified January 17 2018 11:44 AM