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Contact the Educational Stewardship Committee

Members of the campus community (faculty, students and staff) may bring concerns to the attention of the Committee by writing to or by cntacting either or both of the Committee co-chairs. The Committee’s investigation of a concern may require the source(s) to be identified. If warranted, cases of possible “course creep” in proposed new course offerings will be referred to the Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate for adjudication.

Brian Reed (Co-Chair) 656-2232
Rosemary Dale (Co-Chair) 656-3830
Annie Stevens 656-3380
J. Dickinson 373-4739
Laura Almstead 656-2919
Andrew Barnaby 656-4151
Thomas Chittenden 656-0511
Allan Strong 656-2910
Jennifer Fath 656-3151
Cathy Paris 656-7928
Larry Granillo 656-0693

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