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Dr. Rosowsky's Research

Since 1990, Dr. Rosowsky has conducted research in the areas of structural reliability, performance of wood structural systems, design for natural hazards, stochastic modeling of structural and environmental loads, and probability-based codified design. His current research addresses three topics: (1) behavior of the built environment subject to natural hazards, (2) modeling and analysis of load effects on buildings and other structures with particular emphasis on complex environmental phenomena, and (3) performance-based engineering for design, post-disaster condition assessment, and loss estimation studies. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Structural Safety and is a past editorial board member of the ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering and the journal Natural Hazards Review.

Dr. Rosowsky has authored or co-authored more than 140 papers in peer-reviewed journals and more than 150 papers appearing in conference proceedings. A recognized expert in the field of structural reliability, he has been invited to present his research work around the world including invited lecturers in France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. He has supervised more than 20 Masters and Doctoral students. He is the recipient of the ASCE Walter L. Huber Research Prize, the T.K. Hseih Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), and the ASCE Norman Medal.

Dr. Rosowsky maintains an active research program in wind and earthquake engineering and continues to supervise graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. He is a member of numerous editorial boards, national technical committees, is a registered Professional Engineer, and holds the rank of Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Selected Recent Papers (2012-2013):

Zhong, J., Gardoni, P. and Rosowsky, D. (2012), “Seismic Fragility Estimates for Corroding Reinforced Concrete Bridges,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 8(1):55-69.

Sanchez-Silva, M., Klutke, G-A, and Rosowsky, D.V. (2012), “Optimization of the Design of Infrastructure Components Subject to Progressive Deterioration and Extreme Loads,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 8(7):655-667.

Wang, Y. and Rosowsky, D.V. (2012), “Joint Distribution Model for Prediction of Hurricane Wind Speed and Size,” Structural Safety, 35(1):40-51.

Zhong, J., Gardoni, P. and Rosowsky, D.V. (2012), “Closed-form Seismic Fragility Estimates, Sensitivity Analysis and Importance Measures for Reinforced Concrete Columns in Two-column Bents,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 8(7):669-685.

van de Lindt, J.W., Rosowsky, D.V., Pang, W. and Pei, S. (2013), “Performance-Based Seismic Design of Mid-Rise Woodframe Buildings,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 139(8):1294-1302.

Rosowsky, D.V. and Wang Y.. (2013), “Joint Wind-Snow Characterization for Reduced Reference Periods,” ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, to appear.

Han, S.R., Guikema, S.D. and Rosowsky, D.V. (2013), “Integrating Models and Data to Estimate the Structural Reliability of Utility Poles During Hurricanes,” Risk Analysis, to appear.

Rosowsky, D.V. (2013), “Evolution of Probabilistic Analysis of Timber Structures from Second-Moment Reliability Methods to Fragility Analysis,” Structural Safety, 41:57-63.

Wang, Y. and Rosowsky, D.V. (2013), “Characterization of Joint Wind-Snow Hazard for Performance-based Design,” Structural Safety, 43:21-27.

Mudd, L., Wang, Y., Letchford, C. and Rosowsky, D. (2013), “Assessing Climate Change Impact on the US East Coast Hurricane Hazard: Temperature, Frequency, Track,” ASCE Natural Hazards Review, to appear.

Recent Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Researchers:

Dr. Rosowsky has supervised more than 30 PhD students, masters students, and post-doctoral researchers since 1990, many of whom have gone on to pursue academic/research careers.

Current Research Group (2013-14):

Wang Yue (Ph.D., Texas A&M), Research Assistant Professor
Frank Lombardo (Ph.D., Texas Tech), Research Assistant Professor
Lauren Mudd (Ph.D. student), co-advised with C. Letchford

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