University of Vermont

Office of Community-University Partnerships & Service Learning

CUPS Director Susan Munkres and faculty at CUPS' 10th anniversary celebration in October 2013.

President Tom Sullivan prepares to honor CUPS founding Director Lynne Bond (Psychology) at the 10th anniversary.

The event also included a symposium of student work and recognized the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning since 1999.

About CUPS

The Office of Community-University Partnerships & Service-Learning was founded to permanently house the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning program, begun in 1999, which itself grew out of Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC) in the Old North End of Burlington. Today CUPS has trained over 100 faculty in the pedagogy of service-learning, provides high-impact learning opportunities for students in every School and College, and serves as a voice for academic community engagement across the campus.

What We Do

We work to create meaningful, sustainable, pedagogically rich opportunities for students to contribute to the community through the skills gained in their academic discplines. We mentor, train and consult; we designate courses, and offer grants, TA's and other incentives to support service-learning across campus. Review our faculty, student and community partner pages to learn more about our programs and services.

Service-Learning by the Numbers

»  Each year, about 1800 students take a Service-Learning course. That's roughly 13% of the student body.

»  Every semester, nearly 40 designated SL courses are offered in most of UVM’s schools and colleges.

»  Students report that participating in service-learning increases their contact with faculty, their real-world problem solving skills and their sense of academic challenge at UVM.

»  Community engagement at UVM dates to the era of John Dewey, but some highlights include our first such-named Center for Service-Learning (CSL) founded in 1971.

»  Over 85 faculty members have participated in the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning training, founded in 1999.

»  Across the university, nearly 30% of faculty engage the community in their research; over 15% involve community partners as active participants in the research process, or design research to meet community needs.

»  UVM community-engaged faculty consistently win awards for their teaching and community-based scholarship; UVM's community engagement was recognized in 2006 through the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

»  Community partners to UVM SL classes receive over 10,000 hours of service each year, and deliverables from advertising design, media campaigns, analyses and assessments, engineering designs, inventories and more.