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Directions for having your text books cut and scanned

If your book is not already in the Universal Design Technology Lab’s archives, the fastest way to get the book into electronic format is to have the binding removed and the book scanned.

The UVM BookStore will now purchase books that have been cut and rebound. As long as the front and back cover are in good condition and the book still a relevant edition. Your book will sell for the same dollar amount as a book that has not been scanned.

There is no charge to have the bindings removed or rebound or scanned.

If you choose to wait on the publisher and not to cut and scan your text book there is no guarantee you will get the book in an alternate format. The publishers may take up to 6 weeks to provide it to us, or they may take 6 weeks to tell us they do not have it in an electronic format.


  1. To get the bindings removed from your text book you must take your texts books to the Print and Mail Center in the basement of the Waterman Building.

  2. Once the books have had their bindings removed, bring them to the  Universal Design Technology Lab (UDTL) and leave them on the bookshelf in front of the UDTL, on the shelf  labeled “Student Drop Off”

  3. Most books can be scanned in about an hour, and depending on the final format most can be converted within a day or two. (Depending on the number of books being scanned and converted.)

  4. You will be sent an email when the scan and conversion is complete, the email will tell you to pick up the book and the CD of the converted book, from the same bookshelf in the lab on the shelf labeled "Student Pick Up"

  5. Once you have gotten the book back you can take it back to the Print and Mail center in the basement of Waterman, and they will put a new binding on the book, free of charge.


If you enter through the South side of the building, take the stairs down one level, and the print and mail center is to the left at the bottom of the stairs.

Map of waterman building with arrow pointing to south entrance

Last modified April 21 2010 10:13 AM