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Curriculum & Instruction: CREST

EDCI 5990 Z2 (CRN: 61810)

3 Credit Hours

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Class meets at Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Labs; Online Dates and Times TBA; Full Title: CREST-Champlain Research Experience for Secondary Teachers. Course enrollment is restricted to only those teachers participating in CREST program.

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Section Description

The CREST Program will engage grade 7-12 teachers in an exploration of Lake Champlain Basin research through investigations alongside scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, and teacher educators at the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Labs and UVM's research vessel located on Lake Champlain. Additionally, participants will have opportunities to integrate project, proficiency, and place-based teaching practices as they develop a project based on the CREST Touchstones to be implemented in their classrooms during the academic year. CREST program activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Computer Science Teacher Association Standards (CSTA) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in ELA and Mathematics.

Section Expectation

Teachers will: 1. Apply fundamental research related to the Lake Champlain Basin to the development of a place-based project. 2. Apply curriculum and teaching practices that incorporate state and national learning standards to the development of a place-based project. 3. Apply methods of developmentally, culturally, and personally responsive teaching, with the goal of improving post-secondary access and success for all grade 7-12 students. 4. Design a place-based project, centered on the CREST 2.0 Touchstones, that will be implemented in your classroom during the academic year. 5. To engage in reflective practice by writing about your research, learning, and curriculum experiences in the CREST journal on a regular basis.


All participants are expected to complete these assignments. 1. Journals: Record and reflect upon your CREST experiences and activities utilizing the reflection prompts provided in the syllabus and during the daily activities. (25%) 2. Project: Develop a place-based project that integrates and applies CREST knowledge and experiences to your curriculum and teaching. Guidelines will be provided at the beginning of the CREST 2.0 Program, and a Project Planner will be distributed on the first day of the program. (50%) 3. Participation: Based on full participation in the program, including regular attendance and active participation in all CREST online experiences (25%).

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