Fall 2020 - Return to campus

See the latest plans and communications for our return to campus this fall.

Fall 2020 - Return to campus
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Pre-College at UVM

Experience UVM and get an early start on gaining college credit.

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Checklist for Success Online

Tips for online class preparation and time management.

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Online Courses

Learn wherever you are with more than 200 online summer courses.

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Add/Drop/Withdraw Dates

Search the course list for all important dates and deadlines.

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Interested in Transferring to UVM?

Join an outstanding community of scholars at one of the nation's top public universities.

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Teacher & Educator Programming

Convenient and flexible courses for Education and Social Service Professionals.

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Post-Bacc Premedical Program

Prepare for acceptance into medical school or health professional programs.

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Guaranteed Admission Program

Earn college credit, and ultimately enroll in an undergraduate degree program.

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Stay academically engaged this summer at
The University of Vermont

Focus on core requirements, take a summer science course, or explore a new area of interest. Earn credits online.

Registration is still open for June and July!

We understand these are unsettling times—and that we are all trying to find our “new normal.” At the University of Vermont, we can’t imagine a normal that doesn’t include the academic and professional development of our students. That’s why we’re continuing to move ahead with—and build out—our online summer course options.Online Summer courses at UVM offer a way for you to continue to your education, in a range of locations, and in ways that are compatible with social distancing measures. There are more than 200 options available online. And while we all hope social distancing soon will be a thing of the past, we place a high value on preparation—of all kinds.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate student, high school student, or a working or retired professional, Summer U Online has a course for you. Summer tuition is 30% less than academic-year tuition and there many classes to choose from over three sessions in May, June, and July.

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