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Biology: Principles of Biology 2

BIOL 1450 OL1 (CRN: 60014)

4 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About BIOL 1450 OL1

Principles of organismal biology; nature of scientific inquiry, plant form and function, pollination ecology, animal phylogeny illustrated by comparative anatomy and physiology; animal behavior. Credit not awarded for both BIOL 1450 and BCOR 1450.


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Biology is the study of life. This course explores the biology of organisms, focusing on plants and animals. Additionally, we examine the processes that lead to the amazing array of creatures we see on earth and the ways in which organisms interact with each other. Questions we investigate include: What systems and processes allow organisms to sense their environments, communicate signals, and carry out responses required for survival? How do new species arise? How do scientists piece together evolutionary relationships? In what ways do an organism’s genetic makeup and environment influence its behavior? How do organisms interact with members of their own and other species? Understanding how we unravel the mysteries of living things is as important as understanding what we currently know about the world around us. Therefore, we start the semester exploring how scientific analyses are carried out, building knowledge that will allow you to examine, critique, and develop analyses. The scientific process is a running theme in the course, and for many topics we’ll apply an understanding of the scientific process to explore analyses that have led to our current understanding.

Section Expectation

Per University policy regarding work required for a four-credit hour course, students should expect to spend at least eight hours on coursework after engaging in instructional videos. The required materials include an introductory biology textbook and access to Mastering Biology. Specific course material details will be provided in course syllabus.


Exams (4), Homeworks, Class Participation, and Lab Assignments

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