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Practicum Training

Students must complete at least 1000 practicum hours prior to attending an APA accredited internship. Our students who went on internship in 2012 report an average of 1,579 practicum hours (an average of 796 direct contact hours and 783 supervisory/support hours). Those going on internship in 2013 report an average of 2,043 practicum hours (an average of 1065 direct contact hours and 978 supervisory/support hours). Most students complete these hours in our in-house clinic, The Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center. Other practicum sites are also available (e.g., at the UVM College of Medicine-affiliated teaching hospital, UVM Medical Center, and at clinical practice sites in the community).

American Psychological Association (APA) Accredited Clinical Internship

This year-long experience (2000 hours) is typically completed following the fourth or fifth year at the University of Vermont. Students apply for an internship at various medical centers, VA hospitals, and mental health centers throughout the country. Internship sites selected by students must be accredited by the American Psychological Association, except in unusual circumstances.

We are pleased to announce that all five (5) clinical psychology graduate students applying for internship were successfully placed at these prestigious APA-approved internships in 2014:

Both graduate students who applied for internship were also succesfully placed in APA-approved internships in 2015:

Please see Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data for information on student placements in internships.

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