Contact Information

Mailing Address

284 East Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-3401

of Police Services

Chief Lianne Tuomey, MSW

Police Operations
Supervisory Team

Sergeant , VACANT
Deputy Chief Tim Bilodeau
Sergeant Peter Chapman, Sergeant
Sgt. Scott Frennier, Team Leader Redstone Campus & Redstone Apartments
Det. Sgt. Brandon King, Team Leader Main Academic & Administrative Buildings
Sgt. Jim Phelps, Team Leader Trinity Campus, Jeanne Mance & The Lofts
Sgt. Mary Seller, Team Leader, Athletic campus, Parking Garage, Amphitheatre, Women's Center & Affirmative Action

Patrol Team

Officer Cody Allison
Officer Kariym Azeez
Officer Jordan Barriere
Officer Michael Blow
Officer Matthew Brown
Officer Matthew Collins
Officer Peter Czekaj
Officer Denise D' Andrea
Officer Aaron Dince
Officer Skyler Genest
Officer Jennifer Norton-Magnan
Officer William Sioss
Officer Melanie Waldbrise
Officer Christopher Wetmore
Officer Keehan White

Criminal Investigation Team

detective Elizabeth Felicciardi
Det. Mark Galle

Telephone Numbers

Emergency: 9-1-1
Headquarters: (802) 656-3473
Fax: (802) 656-8077
Administrative: (802) 656-2027
TIPS Line: (802) 656-TIPS (anonymous)

Executive Officer /
Support Services

Chief Lianne Tuomey
Lieutenant Mandy Wooster

Communications Team

Dispatcher Samantha Bischof
Susan Lowrey, Supervisor/Accreditation Mgr.
Dispatcher Hilary Messier
Dispatcher Carey Phalen
Dispatcher William Ploof
Dispatcher Diane Pontecorvo

Service Officer Team

Service Officer John Kolley
Service Officer Jure Krizanac
Service Officer Billy Jo Krumrie
David Pixler, Service Officer

Administrative Team

Kelly Riel, Clery Cordinator
Joyce Shepard, Admin Assistant

Crime Prevention Officer

Officer Sue Roberts