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About Us: Awards & Commendations

Chief's Award 2007  
Awarded to

Officer Chris Hunter

This officer has served our community in many different ways. His field work has resulted in an increased safety on campus but his greatest service to the campus has gone largely unnoticed, much the way he prefers to operate. His commitment to our community resulted in accolades from the residents on the Trinity Campus and no officer in the department has attended more residence hall meetings or cultivated the depth of the relationships with hall staff as he has. Students who know him will stop other officers to ask where he is, and when he's coming around next.   2006  
Awarded to

Detective Timothy Bilodeau

This officer works two jobs at Police Services. Given our staffing this past year, he is our detective and a uniformed patrol officer. He doesn't complain and doesn't want a lot of fanfare. Every major case investigation has his handprint upon it. His integrity is without question, his participation is always present. We depend on him and the quality of his work speaks for itself. To value the services that our police department delivers to our community, we have to acknowledge this officer for his part. Frequently put in the position of mentor, advisor, and teacher for our staff, he is respected and sought after for his insight. Countless times we hear “Let's see what Tim says.” In recommending this officer to the awards committee, it was written that duuring Crisis Management Response there are seven critical tasks that a supervisor is charged with. We've added one more - #8 - Call Tim Bilodeau.   2005  
Awarded to

Officer David Bennett

When our director of Residential Life, Stacey Miller, first spoke to me about the Community Standards Model for governing behavior in the residential halls, I sought insight from my staff on those who may have had experience with this philosophy. David Bennett had been a police officer at a university in Montana that used this model. He understood what it could do for UVM if done right, and he understood how Police Services could serve Res Life and our students in this new model. This understanding translated into healthy, positive working relations and collaboration with hall staff during this transition year. Given his efforts to make this model work, and his positive connection with Residential Life staff, Im pleased to present the Chiefs Award to Officer David Bennett.   2004  
Awarded to

Susan Lowrey

Almost 5 years ago Chief Margolis selected an accreditation manager to manage our agency's journey along this important path of law enforcement accreditation. Sue Lowrey stood tall above the crowd of applicants because she exuded such pride, passion, dedication, and commitment to the department and university. As we journeyed forth in the accreditation process' self-assessment phase, Sue immersed herself in the accreditation community quickly developing an excellent reputation as a dedicated professional. She became a known commodity in the accreditation circles. With help from the entire department, Sue led us to unprecedented success as UVM Police Services become the 2nd internationally accredited police department in VT and the 32nd on a university campus in the United States. The mock on-site was so successful that the team of assessors left early.

Sue Lowrey distinguished herself by demonstrating an overall outstanding attention to duty and exceptional service to the community in her efforts. We are grateful for all she has done and continues to do.   2003  

Awarded to

Michael Thomas

The winner of this year's Chief's Award is a special person. His energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the success of our team and the safety of our community stand for all we aspire to be and accomplish in our mission. He assumes the role of team leader for his area of campus with drive and enthusiasm. His commitment to traffic safety and teaching self defense skills is strong. He keeps his criminal investigation and crime prevention skills sharp, and serves as a role model for staff and community alike. Year after year he coordinates our presence at the VT Law Enforcement Day activities at the University Mall, where we are consistently hailed as one of the best displays. He conducts his day to day activities with a positive mental attitude and embodies so much of what we aspire to be. On top of all of this, he is a dedicated and devoted parent and husband who takes time to be part of his children's lives in meaningful and important ways.

For all that he has done and continues to do, Chief Margolis is pleased to announce that Sgt. Michael T. Thomas is the recipient of this year's Chief's Award.   2002  

Awarded to

Sue Roberts

Sue Roberts is a quiet yet discernable presence at Police Services. She has taken the lead in her participation in the RHO initiative by providing thoughtful, poignant, insightful input into the initiatives' development. She then went on to foster positive relationships with her student community by spending non-enforcement time in Living/Learning that included coming in on her days off to join suites and floors for dinners and gatherings. Officer Roberts is very involved in our relationship with the Women's Center as Police Services liaison. She is the new driving force behind our RAD program and a member of our honor guard.

Officer Roberts' attention and participation in all of these service facets of our mission has not taken away from the quality and quantity of her enforcement/investigative related duties. She is an adept inquisitor who has very often developed cases and leads because of her relationships with the members of her service community. She is thorough and well written, and displays a working knowledge of resources and services for our community matched by few members of our department. I have received numerous complements from the campus and outside police agencies about the quality of her investigations both in content and in presentation.  

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