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Opportunities abroad for geography students

Studying abroad is a profoundly enriching educational experience and geography majors are especialy encouraged to do so. Spending time in a foreign country will enrich your education and provide you with an extraordinary set of experiences from which to draw on while at UVMand after you leave. These might include learning a foreign language, acquiring a set of cultural competencies that will serve you well in your future career, or undertaking field work in a physical setting outside of the United Sates. Approximatley twenty percent of geography majors spend time abroad.

The first step is imagining where in the world you would like to go! Next you can begin to explore options through the Office of International Education Services (OIES), Transfer Affairs-Registrar Office, and by talking to your academic advisor.

Study abroad experiences can be tailored to fit your schedule. Student may choose to study abroad:

  • For a full semester, usually by taking courses at another university or program.
  • By undertaking a summer study abroad experience which might be through UVMor through another institution
  • By participating in a Faculty Lead Study/Travel course over a 2-week winter recess or during a summer session.

The Office of International Education Services is the first place to visit before you study abroad. This office has a staff of study abroad advisors to assist you, a library of information on a wide variety of programs, and comment sheets from UVMstudents who describe their own study abroad experiences.

Contact: Office of International Education Services (OIES)
B 161 Living and Learning

Search Tool: Approved Study Abroad programs
Search UVM's Study Abroad on-line database to find information about abroad programs throughout the world.


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There are hundreds of study abroad options for geography majors and the Department encourages you to research and find the one that best suits your goals. Some institutions provide courses taught in the native language of the country, others provide courses that are taught in English, and still others provide a mix of courses taught in English or in another language. Contact OIES for a list of institutions that offer geography courses or courses that align well with the teaching goals of the Geography Department at UVM.


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