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Academic Programs for Learning and Engagement (APLE) in the Department of Geography

The Department of Geography has interesting opportunities for undergraduate as well as graduate students. We have an active internship program, students occasionally participate in field and laboratory research projects with our faculty, and we offer an honors research thesis program. Geography students also get opportunities during classtime to work with professionals in the field on real-life issues.

Internship Program

The Department of Geography offers the opportunity to undertake internships off-campus to prepare students for an exciting world of applied Geography. Participating agencies include Northern Cartographics, Action Research, Women Helping Battered Women, Toward Freedom, Vermont Senate, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Winooski Waste Water Treatment Facility, Burlington Housing Authority, National Weather Service, U.S. Forest Service, Associates in Rural Development, Vermont Public Radio, Vermont Cares, Mountain Pride Media, Shelburne Museum, State of Vermont, and The Nature Conservancy. Fill out the Internship Agreement Form (PDF). See recent student research projects below.

Recent job, internship, studentship, and graduate fellowship announcements

Posted February 2, 2016 - Department of Geography University of Vermont

Geography Internship Program

Up to 2 annual stipends of $2500 each – Application Deadline: March 4, 2016

This merit-based scholarship offers Geography majors the opportunity to subsidize an internship experience. The student must organize an internship experience with a recognized organization. The student must have a faculty mentor* and workplace supervisor sign an internship agreement, and agree to a program of work with both mentor and supervisor. The expectation is that the internship will represent approximately 100-120 hours of work, for which documentation may be required. Specific hourly commitments will be arranged between the student, faculty mentor, and supervisor.

*Faculty mentor must be an Assistant Prof., Associate Prof., or Professor in the Geography Dept.

  • Geography majors only; must be matriculated but not graduated at time of internship
  • Completion of at least one substantive introductory geography course (i.e. GEOG 40/50/60/70/81), and at least 60 credit hours overall by start of internship
  • Minimum 3.25 GPA in Geography and 3.00 overall
  • Internships may be granted credit while funded by this stipend, depending on arrangements and content
  • Annual award made in spring may be applied to summer, fall, or following spring semester
  • Deadline is the Friday before Spring Break every year
  • 250-word description of the proposed internship and how it fits within and moves forward the student’s interests and goals in Geography, with specific reference to the student’s 4-year plan (
  • Unofficial transcript
  • One letter of support from a Geography Faculty member provided directly to Vibeke Burley
  • Internship work agreement signed by organization supervisor and faculty mentor (see the Geography Internship Agreement of Understanding form. This may be in draft form if the internship is still in the planning stages.
  • Submit packet to Vibeke Burley, by 4:00pm in hardcopy


Posted February 2, 2015 - Association of American Geographers - Climate

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) with CCMI:
Coral Reef Biodiversity and Resilience at the Little Cayman Research Centre

20th June to 14th August 2015

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) invites undergraduate students
interested in ocean sciences to apply to the Research Experience for
Undergraduates (REU) program in Coral Reef Biodiversity and Resilience on
Little Cayman. CCMI has support from the National Science Foundation for
eight students, who will each be paired with a research mentor for an 8 week
experience living and working at our Little Cayman Research Centre (LCRC).
REU participants, under the guidance of their mentors, will each design,
conduct, and communicate a research project in an effort to positively
contribute to the conservation and management of reefs by advancing our
knowledge on the processes that drive coral reef resilience to disturbances
on multiple spatial and temporal scales.   In addition to conducting their
own research, REU participants will attend workshops on career skills in
science, participate in excursions on and around Little Cayman, and interact
with local conservation professionals.  For more information, please visit
the REU in Little Cayman website at .

Applications are due 15 March 2015.

For more information, please contact:
Tom Sparke
Education and Programme Coordinator
Central Caribbean Marine Institute
Little Cayman Research Centre
PO Box 37, Little Cayman, KY3-2501
Phone: (345) 948 1094

Posted November 12, 2014 - National Park Service - Climate Change Response Program

Climate Change Direct Hire Authority Internship Opportunities in the National Park Service. Click here for more information.

CESU Partners: This is a great opportunity for students who might be interested in a climate change internship. Upon completion, students will be eligible to be hired non-competitively into subsequent federal positions once they have completed their degree programs. Application deadline is January 30, 2015.
For More Information contact Tim Watkins, Climate Change Response Program, NPS,

Posted October 1, 2014 - Department of Geography - Oaklawn Foundation International Study Award Program

Oaklawn Foundation International Study Award Program - Application Deadline October 10, 2014

Up to $5000 of scholarships to be awarded

This scholarship offers Geography majors the opportunity to subsidize their study abroad experience through the generous support of the Oaklawn Foundation. Students may use the funds toward costs of a travel course or study abroad experience through the Geography Department or an affiliated program at UVM, or through a program whose transfer credits are recognized by UVM (e.g. SIT, Butler, IHP). Funds may be spent within three semesters of application (i.e. Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015 in the current round of funding).


Application Process

  • Deadline for application: October 10, 2014
  • 500-word max. description of how the proposed study abroad program or travel course fits with your other studies as a Geography major
  • Proposed budget with estimated costs (e.g. air travel, train, etc.)
  • One letter of support from a Geography Faculty member to be submitted directly to Vibeke Burley (plan ahead – meet with your advisor soon!)

Questions? Please email Prof. Meghan Cope, Chair, Department of Geography.

Please send your applications to Vibeke Burley, 200 Old Mill

Email or telephone 6-2063



Posted October 1, 2014 - Public Interest Research Network

Apply to be a Campaign Organizer: 2 years of action for our environment, our democracy, our future

My name is Maggie Galka and I’m a recent UVM Environmental Studies graduate. After graduating, I became a Campaign Organizer working to Get Big Money Out of Politics with PIRG (Public Interest Research Group). PIRG is part of The Public Interest Network, and we’re hiring! I will be on campus to conduct interviews and share information about the job.

To learn more and apply, visit Our early application deadline is October 5th.

The Public Interest Network, which includes Environment America, PIRG and other groups, is hiring graduating seniors to join our team of 50 campaign organizers.

It’s a two-year program designed to give you a chance to make a difference on some of the most important issues of our time. 

Take climate change. It’s a ticking time bomb for life on this planet. But if we’re going to solve it, we have to get past the climate deniers in Congress.

Campaign organizers work together to organize and mobilize citizens to take on global warming, antibiotic overuse, fracking, GMO foods, money in politics, clean water and other issues.

As a campaign organizer, your number one focus is getting people involved. When people get involved, that’s when you see the energy and power it takes to win real change.

To learn more and apply, visit Our early application deadline is October 5th.

I look forward to hearing from you!
-- Maggie Galka Campaign Organizer, Illinois PIRG 328 S. Jefferson St., Ste. 620 Chicago, IL 60661 c:708.646.8559 o:312.544.4433 x 216


Posted March 31, 2014 - Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC)

UVM Internship Request Summer 2014

This internship is with the VT Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC).  VTDEC and the Department of Geography have collaborated on the “Automated Mapping of Effective Impervious Areas (EIA) to Assess the Impact of EIA on Stream Health” Project, funded through the U.S. Geological Survey  and the Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center at the University of Vermont

Project Synopsis

VTDEC is looking for a student intern interested in the natural sciences (geography, geology, or environmental science), computer science (geospatial technologies) and/or civil engineering. The student should have a background/aptitude in quantitative methods to work on a volunteer basis for 10-15 hours per week during the summer.  The intern will field check land cover and stormwater drainage systems in watersheds around Burlington, conduct a basic computer model analysis of stream hydrologic data and if interested, assist VTDEC staff in stormwater drainage surveys statewide. 

Academic credit for summer internship may be available.  A financial award may also be available thru the UVM Community Engagement Program if an application is submitted by the student.

Work Plan Proposal

The “Automated Mapping of Effective Impervious Areas (EIA) to Assess the Impact of EIA on Stream Health” project, has developed  maps of  computer generated  hydrologically connected impervious surfaces (roads, parking areas, rooftops, etc.) in stormwater drainages of 14 small urbanized watersheds within 10 miles of Burlington.  The intern would be tasked with spot checking impervious areas to verify that our model has correctly mapped the drainage direction and that runoff does appear to physically drain as modeled.  VTDEC staff will provide training on a desktop computer and in the field.  A personal vehicle is useful although bus transportation can be utilized.

The intern would also analyze stream flow data collected by UVM for VTDEC from several stormwater impaired streams in the Burlington area.  The task will involve entering data into a computer program, running a program script to analyze the data, and reviewing results.  VTDEC staff and a UVM Ph.D. graduate student will provide limited training and assistance.  A background in quantitative analysis is important.

The intern, if interested, can assist VTDEC staff with the development of GIS/GPS based municipal stormwater infrastructure mapping being carried out in the White River and Champlain Basin watersheds.  Field work involves locating structures using ArcPad and a survey grade Trimble GPS unit, mapping flow direction using field tools, and inspecting and inventorying stormwater treatment practices.  Transportation to Montpelier may be necessary.  VTDEC staff will provide training on GPS/GIS desktop and field methodologies.


Jim Pease
1 National Life Drive, Main 2, Montpelier, VT 05620-3522

802-490-6116 /

Posted March 18, 2013 - Summer "techie" internships.

This is a state-wide clearinghouse of paid internships:

Posted January 23, 2013 - Summer 2013 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share an exciting summer research opportunity for undergraduate students.  This summer at Georgia State University in Atlanta, we are pleased to host the second year of our "Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site: Addressing Social and Environmental Disparities through Community Geography and Geographic Information Systems".  The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.  The program runs June 10th - July 25th 2013.   The flier is attached.

Research Interests: Working with faculty mentors in one of three research tracks, selected undergraduates will engage in community-based research and fieldwork to quantitatively and qualitatively examine neighborhood change, property markets, social geographies, air and soil quality, urban green spaces, and neighborhood visioning in partnership with neighborhood residents and community groups in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Compensation: Each REU student will receive a competitive funding package, including: a $3000 stipend, up to $250 in travel support to/from Atlanta, up to $750 for conference presentations, free room and most meals at GSU, and 3 required texts.

Application Process: Applications are due Friday, March 1st @ 5 PM EST.  Complete application instructions and the application form can be found at

To Learn More:  Visit 

Any questions can be directed to the Dr. Timothy Hawthorne (PI) at or Dr. Katherine Hankins (Co-PI) at 

Please feel free to share with interested students and your professional networks. 

Timothy Hawthorne
Georgia State University
Posted March 2, 2012 - VTrans Mapping Unit - Technical Apprentice VI

Subject: Temporary Position available in the VTrans Mapping Unit - Technical
    Apprentice VI

The VTrans Mapping Unit is recruiting for a temporary position for this summer.  The position is a Technical Apprentice VI, with the position details listed below.  Please find attached a copy of the of the State of Vermont - Temporary Application and the Declaration of Tax Compliance forms in PDF format.  Each of these documents needs to be submitted along with a resume, following the details below.

If you have interest in this position, please contact me directly, as I will be able to direct and retrieve the proper documentation from the Dept. of Human Resources office.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding this position, the duties, recruitment, or VTrans Mapping in general.

Johnathan Croft
VTrans Mapping Unit
(802) 828-2600
Vermont Agency of Transportation                                                                                                                                                                  Memorandum
Policy, Planning, & Intermodal Development Division
Mapping Unit

Summer Temporary Position - Technical Apprentice VI - (Pay Grade 20)

Specific Job Description

The Mapping Unit has an opening for a seasonal temporary employee to assist in the development of database information to support the Highway Mapping System, production of the 2012 General Highway Maps, inventory of new or changed highways, update, review and correction of the road centerline data layer based on orthophotography, production of the 2012 Route Log Series, quality control and assurance of existing databases, and development of data and maps to support VTrans' work programs and initiatives.

This temporary employee will assist in varied projects during the summer season. The employee will also perform tasks that occur on a seasonal basis which require additional staff.  This is an opportunity to gain "real world" experience using ArcGIS, the Production Mapping System, and straight-line diagramming software.

Knowledge of ArcGIS, ArcInfo and Access databases preferred.  Students studying geography and/or GIS are encouraged to apply.

General Job Description - Technical Apprentice VI

Advanced technical and administrative work for the Agency of Transportation. Duties involve the gathering, processing and management of technical data and record using computerized systems and technology, equipment maintenance, field inspections, surveys, designs , plan review and traffic and safety studies. Employees in this class will act with substantial independence and may function in lead worker role. Work is performed under the direction of a higher-level technician engineer or administrative supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge Skills And Abilities

A general understanding of transportation engineering, survey techniques, GPS and/or GIS. VTrans will provide on the job training in use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and associated processes.
Working knowledge of transportation engineering technology field including areas such as roadway construction, design, traffic operations, surveys, bridge safety or materials.
Knowledge of materials used in roadways and bridge construction.
Knowledge o basic contact and project management practices and procedures.
Awareness of supervisory principles and practices.
Ability to monitor both agency and construction compliance to plans and contract specifications.
Ability to complete assigned work in an accurate and timely fashion.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships

Education And Experience

Associates degree in Civil Engineering, environmental engineering, engineering technology, surveying construction technology, architecture.
Two years of experience performing engineering support tasks involved in one or more of the following; planning, surveying, design, inspection, constructions research and statistics, testing, investigation, maintenance or construction or various types of civil engineering projects.

High school graduation or equivalent and four years of experience described as above.


Two seasons working as an AOT Technical Apprentice V with the State of Vermont.

Note: Candidates should have a valid driver's license and transportation may be required for field assignments.

Working Conditions

Candidates should expect the majority of work to be within an office environment, with some fieldwork.  Good communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to work independently are required. This is a full-time, temporary position. Paid overtime as well as overnight stays may be required.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Applications from women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged.

Work Station - VTrans at the National Life Building, Montpelier

Position Starting Date - April 9, 2012    Ending Date - September 30, 2012
Hours per Week - 40 Hours

Application Deadline - March 16, 2012 or until position is filled.

Inquiries may be made to:

Johnathan Croft
VTrans Mapping Unit
(802) 828-2600<>

Tax Compliance Verification

In accordance with 32 V.S.A. Section 3113(i), when an applicant for State employment is determined to be a finalist for a position, s/he will be provided an Affidavit to sign attesting that s/he is in good standing with respect to all Vermont taxes due as of the date.  The applicant's tax compliance will be verified with the Vermont Tax Department prior to any offer of employment.  Please see Personnel Policy 12.12 - Tax Compliance for further information:

Applications must be filed with the VT Dept. of Human Resources.  An application may be found on-line at the following internet address.  Please use "865270" for the Reference Number and "Mapping Unit - Technical Apprentice VI" for the position Title.

Or you may contact Human Resources for more information regarding the process of filing an application:

Vermont Dept. of Human Resources at VTrans
One National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT  05633-5001
Phone: (802) 828-2625
Fax:  (802) 828-2894

Posted February 24, 2012 - American Geophysical Union

Public Affairs Summer Internship at AGU Headquarters

AGU Science Policy Alert 12-10: 10 February 2012

Are you interested in gaining valuable science policy experience and spending part of your summer working in Washington, D.C.?  AGU’s Public Affairs department is looking for a summer intern.  This is an opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent grads to learn more about the intersection of public policy and Earth and space science.  Tell a friend, tell a student, or apply yourself!

The AGU Public Affairs department maintains a continuous flow of information between AGU scientists and Capitol Hill. The department advocates on behalf of Earth and space science as related policy evolves in Congress. The Public Affairs intern will work closely with Public Affairs and Outreach staff. This internship provides an opportunity to learn about the public policy process first-hand and to gain knowledge about Earth and space science policy issues, including climate change and natural hazards.

The intern will attend congressional hearings and briefings that relate to Earth and space science policy and write summaries for the AGU website and other publications. The intern will also assist with AGU members’ congressional visits and with organizing congressional briefings and receptions. The internship also includes social media outreach, authoring articles for AGU’s weekly membership newsletter Eos, and administrative tasks, as assigned. This is a paid internship.

Good research and organizational skills are a must. Coursework related to Earth or space science, political science, and communications are a plus.

Internship Requirements:
•    College student, graduate student, or a recent graduate
•    Preferred majors include, but not limited to, Earth or space sciences, public policy, and communications
•    Cover letter strongly recommended with application

Application Due Date:  Monday, 19 March 2012
Anticipated Start: 7 May 2012
Anticipated Internship Duration: Three months
To apply, please visit:

Posted February 23, 2012 - Summer Research, Georgia State University


This summer GSU will be the site of a Research Experiences for Undergraduates
funded by NSF. Although this program is sponsored by the Geosciences
Department here, it could be of interest to students in any urban studies
discipline, including urban sociology. The announcement is below.

The Department of Geosciences at Georgia State will host a NSF-funded
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site this summer called
"Addressing Social and Environmental Disparities through Community Geography
and Geographic Information Systems". The program runs June 18th – August

Working with faculty mentors, 10 selected undergraduates will engage in
community-based research and fieldwork in some of Atlanta's poorest
neighborhoods to quantitatively and qualitatively examine neighborhood
change, property markets, air and soil quality, urban green spaces, and
neighborhood visioning in partnership with neighborhood residents and
community groups.

Each REU student will receive a competitive funding package, including: a
$3000 stipend, up to $250 in travel support to/from Atlanta, up to $750 for
conference presentations, free room and board at GSU, and 3 required texts.

Applications are due Friday, March 23rd @ 5 PM EST. Complete application
instructions and the application form can be found at

To Learn More: Visit

Any questions can be directed to the Dr. Timothy Hawthorne (PI) at or Dr. Katherine Hankins (Co-PI) at

Posted February 6, 2012 - University of Nottingham, School of Geography

The School of Geography has contacted you previously informing you of the Masters programmes available in the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham. The School of Geography is one of the leading centres for geographical research in the United Kingdom and we are keen to recruit more students from the United States.  Your undergraduates may be interested to discover that there are significant cost advantages for North American students wishing to undertake Masters tuition in the UK. In the British system an internationally recognised MA or MSc can be obtained in just one year of study.  We also have a number of bursaries available in the School for suitably qualified candidates.

I attach a copy of the poster sent to you previously. I would be grateful if you could point out these opportunities to suitably interested and qualified undergraduates. If you - or they - have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.  My e-mail address is:<>.

More information on the courses we offer can be found on our graduate web page:

The University's graduate webpage, which provides more information about the city and region, can be found here:

Yours sincerely

David Matless
Professor of Cultural Geography
Director of Teaching and Learning
School of Geography
Sir Clive Granger Building
University of Nottingham
Tel: +44 (0)115 9515575
Fax: +44 (0)115 9515249


Posted February 3, 2012 - Undergraduate Summer Research Internships

 “10 Paid Undergraduate Summer Research Internships”

 Are you interested in hands-on Hyperspectral Imaging (HI) experience and learning how to work with interdisciplinary teams? Here is an opportunity.

The GeoTREE Center ( at the University of Northern Iowa received a NSF REU award to introduce young scientists to a highly interdisciplinary research environment with fundamental and applied research in hyperspectral imaging (HI). HI is widely used in various disciplines such as Earth Science, Environmental Science, Biology, Forestry, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geographic Information Science (GISc), and more. If you interested, application and more information is available online at


Summer Stipend: $4,000 for eight weeks (May 21-July 13, 2012). In addition, the program will cover the cost of housing, a meal plan, lab supplies, and up to $750 for follow up activities.

Posted February 2, 2012 - University of Glasgow

PhD studentships in Human Geography

Human Geography at the University of Glasgow is a member the ESRC Scottish Doctoral Training Centre Human Geography pathway.  Applications for ESRC 1+3, and +3 doctoral studentships are invited from prospective students who wish to be considered for specific projects or from those who are interested in developing their own project proposal with members of staff. We currently have 4 key research themes on Environment, knowledge and development; Political economy, justice and solidarity; Difference, otherness and subalternity; and Creativity, experiment and expression.  Please also see the staff directory for information about staff research interests. All students must meet UK Research Council criteria for eligibility.  These residency requirements can be waived for students in Economics only.  Further details on residency requirements can be found in the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide:[June_2011]_tcm8-14766.pdf  Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for holding an ESRC studentship will be considered for an award by the Human Geography pathway of the ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (SGS DTC). The Human Geography Pathway have at least 6 studentships for award for an October 2012 start and the awards will be made by a committee comprising representatives from the Geography Departments at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.  Other funding opportunities will be investigated where appropriate. Application Procedure
Applicants should first submit an application to the University of Glasgow by completing the postgraduate application form.  Information about how to apply for PG study is available  In addition, applicants should contact their proposed supervisor, and after consultation, submit the following documents to the College Graduate School in electronic format:
  1. A completed SGS DTC studentship coversheet: Standard Pathway Cover Sheet 2012-13
  2. A research proposal (maximum of 1200 words)
    This must include, where possible, details of any specific training or overseas fieldwork requirements.  Failure to include these details in the proposal may result in no funding being available for such activites during the PhD.
  3. An up to date CV
  4. A statement of support from your potential supervisor(s)
  5. 1 academic reference (who is not the principal supervisor)
  6. A completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring form: Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 2012-1213
  7. A completed AQM application form [AQM studentship applications only]: AQM Application Form 2012-13
Please ensure to provide document five (5) - this is an additional application document required by the Human Geography pathway. Graduate School Contacts: Caroline Finlayson / Paula McEwan ( 30 March 2012  A shortlist of applicants will be called for interviews in Dundee during April 2012.Please consult for further details of the pathway across the DTC and forms. For further information please contact the member of staff associated with specific projects or Dr Paul Routledge (   The closing date for studentship applications to be received by the University of Glasgow is 30th March 2012.  The Human Geography pathway will make their awards in approximately mid May 2012. 


Posted January 23, 2012 - Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

REU Summer 2012 Program

Immigration, Geography, and Race/Ethnicity in the United States

Population Research Center and Department of Sociology, UT-Austin

The Population Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, is hosting the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in Immigration, Geography, and Race/Ethnicity in the U.S. for the summer of 2012. This eight-week summer program, which is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (but also with significant contributions from the UT Population Research Center, Department of Sociology, Graduate School and College of Liberal Arts), offers eight very selective upper-division undergraduate students from both UT-Austin and from around the country the opportunity to study social demography through course work and a mentored research experience with senior PRC graduate students. The program pays for tuition, room and board, and computer expenses. REU students also receive a $4,000 stipend for participation in the program, which allows the selected students to fully concentrate on their REU experience over the 2-month program. Students register for a 3-hour summer course in during the first half of the summer, then dedicate the second half of the summer to their own projects in collaboration with their graduate student mentor and under the overall guidance of the faculty co-directors, Nestor Rodriguez and Rebecca Torres. Student papers are then presented at the fall meeting of the Southern Demographic Association.  Former students from the REU program are now on the faculties of Johns Hopkins University, Rice University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Kansas, University of Denver, and more, and currently in social science graduate programs at the Universities of Wisconsin, Chicago, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California at Los Angeles, and California at Santa Cruz, as well as Stanford University, Texas A&M University, Pennsylvania State University, and more.  This program is specifically geared toward students with junior standing who are seriously thinking about attending graduate school in the social sciences and, particularly, in sociology, demography, or geography.

The 2012 summer REU Program application deadline is February 17, 2012.

See for details about the REU program and the program application, as well as information about other research and training programs of the UT Population Research Center.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. SMA-1004809.
Posted January 12, 2012 - Studentship in Geography of Food at San Diego State University (SDSU)

Dear colleagues,     
Please share this information with potentially interested students:  Ph.D. Studentship in Geography of Food     

The Department of Geography at San Diego State University is announcing a Ph.D. studentship for a student interested in the study of food, ethnicity and place. We are particularly interested in students who will engage with current debates in urban and cultural geography, are open to a variety of approaches (including ethnographic research, mapping and data visualization) and have an interest in working with children. The student will have the opportunity to participate in a large research project focusing on everyday food practices in immigrant/refugee neighborhoods in San Diego.      

The Doctoral Program in Geography at SDSU (which is joint with UC Santa Barbara) is a highly ranked program with expertise in various sub-disciplinary areas including urban geography and children's geographies.     

The studentship will provide fee/tuition waivers, stipend for research assistantship and full benefits for four years.  To apply for the studentship, apply to the Ph.D. program through the regular procedure by February 1st, 2012. In your statement of purpose, state your wish to apply for this studentship and explain your interests in the relationships between food, ethnicity and place. Details on the Ph.D. program and application procedures can be found at:     

For questions regarding this studentship, please contact Pascale Joassart-Marcelli ( or Fernando Bosco (     

Thank you,     

Pascale Joassart-Marcelli  
Associate Professor  
Department of Geography  
San Diego State University  
5500 Campanile Drive  
San Diego, CA 92182  
Phone: 619-594-0906  
Web:  and  

Posted May 23, 2011 - VORTECHX Applied Technologies

This GI Internship Program will provide a fostering environment in which an individual can obtain an understanding of how Geographic Information systems and Information Technology are implemented to proved a working GIS solution.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Learn basic terminology, functionality, and identification of computer related equipment
  • Learn how we have applied GIS theory and technology
  • Assist the team with other project task assignments as needed

Learn more about this internship, please click here.

Posted March 30, 2011 - Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

The Clean Cities internship will give undergraduate (Junior or Senior) or graduate students studying communications, public relations, business, marketing, engineering or environmental sciences, the opportunity to grow public awareness and expand the markets of advanced vehicle technologies, alternative fuels, and practices that reduce the consumption of petroleum.

Specific Details:

  • Internship available at the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition, housed at the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center, working with Clean Cities coordinator and stakeholders
  • Positions are 30 or 40 hours/week (determined with the coalition) for 10 weeks from approximately June 6-August 12, 2011 (exact start/end dates determined by individual coalitions)
  • Interns who work an average of 40 hours receive a $6,000 stipend, those who work 30 hours receive a $4,500 stipend

To submit your resume and complete the online application, please click here. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2011.

Contact the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition for info

Posted April 12, 2011 - NESEC Northeast States Emergency Consortium

Visit the NESEC web site:

TO APPLY: E-mail a detailed cover letter describing how your educational background, knowledge and skills qualify you for this internship position, along with your resume, to


Specific Details:

Northeast States Emergency Consortium
1 West Water Street, Suite 205
Wakefield, MA 01880

INTERNSHIP TITLE: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Emergency Management Intern.

INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION: NESEC is seeking a highly motivated college graduate with a positive outlook and desire to learn and gain experience in GIS computer technology and emergency management. This is a full-time, paid, one-year internship position, with opportunities to learn emergency management and hazard mitigation skills through FEMA self-study courses, Emergency Management Institute courses and direct experience. Employment with NESEC following the 1-year internship is a possibility. Prior work experience is not required; however, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree and be proficient in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and ArcGIS. Proficiency with Windows XP and Office is also required. The successful candidate must be able to manage several projects at once and be able to solve problems independently.


  1. Provide GIS support and analysis for NESEC projects. Respond to and carry out GIS assistance requests and HAZUS-MH disaster simulation requests from emergency management organizations within the NESEC states.
  2. Arrange quarterly NESEC board meetings. Manage hotel reservations and meeting spaces for up to 30 people, relay banquet event orders, prepare a basic budget and manage communications between the hotel, NESEC and attendees.
  3. Perform administrative duties for NESEC, including answering phones, preparing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, creating PowerPoint presentations and newsletters, and other daily office tasks.
  4. Develop and maintain computer resources. Install and update PC software, and update the NESEC website as needed.
  5. Candidates who are not experienced with HAZUS-MH software will be required to learn the software, attend online trainings, and/or attend a weeklong training course at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, paid for by NESEC.
  6. Occasional travel within New England, New York, New Jersey and the Washington, DC area.
  7. One-year commitment is required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree required, preferably with a focus on GIS.
  2. Proficiency in ESRI ArcView is required. A demonstration of proficiency in ArcView will be requested during the interview process.
  3. Prior experience with FEMA’s HAZUS-MH software a plus
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel required.
  5. Some experience in Adobe PageMaker, In Design and Photoshop preferred. PC and Windows XP troubleshooting experience preferred.
  6. Proficiency in HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and ColdFusion, or the ability to learn these skills quickly on the job.
  7. Must be a self-starter with ability to independently find solutions to problems and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  8. A dedication to teamwork in a close-knit, small office environment.
  9. A willingness to learn emergency management and hazard mitigation skills.
  10. Candidates must be fully authorized to work in the United States.
  11. A one-year commitment is required.

STIPEND AND BENEFITS: This is full-time paid internship position (37.5 hours per week) is presently funded on an annual basis. The stipend is $400 - $450 per week with an excellent benefits package of health, dental and disability insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, holidays and training opportunities

Posted 2/23/09 - Internship at Vermont Natural Resources Council

The Vermont Natural Resources Council's mission is to protect and restore Vermont's natural resources through research, collaboration, educaiton and advocacy. This internship is being coordinated through Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR).

Position Title: Millie Beattie Internship (1 opening)
Location: Montpelier, VT
Hours per week: 40
Pay: Up to $3600 for 2 1/2 - 3 months ($10.00 per hour)

Qualifications: Highly motivated senior or graduate level student who intends to pursue a career in environmental or natural resources policy.

Description: The intern will help coordinate an initiative at VNRC to review town plans and zoning regulations for language and policies as they relate to the conservation of fish wildlife and their habitats. Part of the intern's research will include a review of relevant information to help identify significant trends and current practices in the state, as well as to highlight both effective practices and common shortcomings in local planning and land use regulation. The intern will also actively participate in other projects at VNRC relating to forest, wildlife, landuse, water, and energy issues.

More information and application materials. Send resume, application and student forms to:

Posted 2/6/09 - National Weather Service - 2009 Student Career Experience Program

The Student Career Program (SCEP) is a paid internship for college sutdents through the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS Teams up with a college or university to allow students in the atmospheric sciences (meteorology/hydrology) to gain valuable work experience at a Weather Forecast Office or River Forecast Center under the guidance and direction of a univeristiy. Students complete as least 640 hours of hands-on career-related work including forecasting, research and outreach activities. See the following links for more information.

Application: SCEP Application (PDF),
Agreement: SCEP Agreement (PDF)
List of colleges/universities: Locations (PDF)

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