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Undergraduate Programs

UVM Classics offers three majors: Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization. The Greek and Latin majors are language intensive and provide superb preparation for students interested in going to graduate school in Classics or a related field (like archaeology, linguistics, or ancient philosophy), or to become a secondary school teacher. The Classical Civilization major also provides excellent all-around preparation, but offers students a bit more flexibility. For example, all Greek and Latin language courses count towards it as do some related courses taught in other departments. Many students double-major in Classical Civilization and another field of interest.

Learning Goals for Majors in CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION:

  1. That students possess a broad and detailed knowledge of Greek and Roman history (chronology, institutions, major figures and events, cultural practices and values) and that they be able to situate classical authors, literary genres, and particular works within an historical context;
  2. That they understand the nature of evidence and can use and evaluate it appropriately (e.g., primary v. secondary sources, evidence from art and archaeology, the transmission history and state of extant authors' works, etc.);
  3. That they have an informed appreciation of the pervasive influence of the Greek and Latin Classics over the centuries up to and including the present day.

Learning Goals for Majors in GREEK and/or LATIN:

  1. That students have a good working knowledge of the morphology, vocabulary, syntax, and idiom of ancient Greek/Latin prose and poetry;
  2. That they have accurate knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the historical and literary context of key works of Greek/Latin literature (e.g., authors, genres, periods, characters/persons, reception/influence);
  3. That they are familiar with the methods of analysis (both literary and historical) used in interpreting ancient literature.


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