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The Department offers an M.A. in Greek and Latin with a thesis and non-thesis option, and an MAT in Latin in conjunction with the College of Education. (For details about these programs click on the appropriate link in the sidebar.) We usually enroll 3-4 new students each year, and typically are able to offer some assistance to the most qualified applicants in the form of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and/or through the Department's Prindle-Myrick-Kidder scholarship.

Classics applicants have also fared well in the competition for graduate fellowships from the College of Arts and Sciences. Our program is strongly philological and geared toward students who want excellent preparation in Greek and Latin language and in the craft of scholarship.

Recent graduates of our program have gone on fully-funded to Ph.D. programs.

Grads have gone on to obtain Ph.D.s at institutions including the University of Chicago, University College London, Indiana University, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Cornell, University College Dublin, and Florida State. Other graduates are employed as secondary school teachers across the country, with several right here in Vermont.

  • Learning Goals for M.A. in Greek and Latin:

    • That students acquire advanced knowledge of the morphology, vocabulary, syntax, and idiom of ancient Greek and Latin prose and poetry (sufficient to pursue PhD work if they so desire);
    • That they have detailed, accurate knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the historical and literary context of key works of Greek and Latin literature (e.g., authors, genres, periods, characters/persons, reception/influence);
    • That they be conversant with contemporary scholarship in Classics and the research methods (both literary and historical) used in interpreting ancient literature and culture.

    Reading the classics from Homer to Euripides

    The richness of the reading list reflects the program itself. Explore the M.A. in Greek and Latin reading list (PDF)

Applying to the Classics Graduate Programs:

How to Apply