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Emeriti Faculty - Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Professor Emerita

Barbara Rodgers

Barbara Saylor Rodgers, Professor Emerita

Area of expertise

Greek and Latin literature, Roman history, rhetoric

Contact Information
Email: Phone: (802) 656-3210

Address: 481 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05405

Born in Philadelphia, I grew up in Iran, finished high school in Lebanon, and arrived at Brown University as an undergraduate and displaced person. Shortly after finishing my graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, I came to UVM and here, thirty years later, I remain, reading Greek and Latin and wondering if I shall ever get on in my studies. My scholarly interests embrace prose rather than poetry (but not exclusively: see Romanos), rhetoric and history, politics and praise, imitation and allusion, and the art of reading between the lines, especially during the late Republic and later Roman empire. I teach Greek and Latin language courses at all levels, Greek and Roman history, historiography, and literature in translation. My husband Robert and I have two grown children who, we think, are wonderful people, and we do not say that merely because they are both self-supporting. When not pursuing a classical education I enjoy reading mystery stories and science fiction but mostly spend time working outdoors in a large organic vegetable garden; occasionally the extensive flower borders get a little attention as well. I am especially proud of bearded irises bred from my own seeds, and my website has a picture of one or more of them. My present research include a study of humanitas in Cicero, Romanos' treatment of the harrowing of hell, and an ongoing, perhaps unwarranted, fascination with Sidonius Apollinaris.

Selected Publications


(with C.E.V. Nixon): In Praise of Later Roman Emperors. The Panegyrici Latini: Introduction, Translation and Historical Commentary. UC Press 1994 (1995)


"Constantine's Pagan Vision," Byzantion 50 (1980) 259-278

"Merobaudes and Maximus in Gaul," Historia 30 (1981) 82-105

"Divine Insinuation in the Panegyrici Latini," Historia 35 (1986) 69-104

"Great Expeditions: Livy on Thucydides," TAPA 116 (1986) 335-352

"Eumenius of Augustodunum," Ancient Society 20 (1989) 249-266

"The Metamorphosis of Constantine," Classical Quarterly 39 (1989) 233-246

"Catulus' Speech in Cassius Dio 36.31-36," GRBS 48 (2008) 295-318

"Romanos Melodos on the Raising of Lazarus," BZ 107 (2014) 153-170

Link to my website where there are a number of pdf files of translations and commentaries

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