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Classics: The Quintessential Liberal Arts Degree

Classics, the study of Greek and Roman civilization in the broadest sense, is the original and quintessential liberal arts degree. The field is inherently multidisciplinary and provides access to a cultural continuum spanning over three millennia up to and including the present day.

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Classics majors at UVM can study Greek and Roman culture in the original languages and/or take an array of English-language courses that cover a wide area: mythology, epic and lyric poetry, drama, satire, art and architecture, historiography, political theory, and philosophy. The special research interests of UVM's Classics faculty also inform the department's curriculum.

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Mark Usher’s 'Neron Kaisar': An Operatic Quilt

The legend surrounding the Roman emperor Nero is that he neglected his people and his empire, fiddling while the city around him burned. That’s likely largely myth, but what is fact is that Nero was a singer and a kitharode (he played the lyre), whose greatest yearning may have been to be recognized as a talented performer. But ...

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Topics here include:

  • oral tradition studies
  • the history of writing, books, and printing
  • ancient farming and technology
  • ancient music
  • ancient Near Eastern history and literature
  • historical linguistics and etymology
  • Greek and Roman philosophy
  • Greek and Roman history, topography, and myth
  • women in antiquity

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