University of Vermont

Ly Nguyen - transcript

I think being in field working directly with adolescents has really taught me so much about what I would like to do with my future and what population I would specifically like to work with. Direct work has been challenging but really rewarding how much you get to know about all the kids that I work with and just their whole lives, you really are a part of it. And through that I think I really want to do more direct work and work with children especially. At first I didn’t think I would like to work with children just because I would probably be too emotionally attached to the actual child or children I’d be working with but I think that would drive me more, now thinking it over it would motivate me more to help that population and work with them and solve the issues that need to be solved within that population. And I also think that that would guide me into policy work to affect more individuals at a bigger type of system in kind of like the macrosystem level.

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