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Social Work Checksheet

Diversity Requirement
Diversity Courses
Diversity courses are met through program requirements.
D1 (SWSS 060) --
D2 (SWSS 147 and SWSS 148) --
Total Credits  
General Education
Arts and Letters Crs
ENGS Elective (ENGS 050 recommended) 3
Humanities Crs
(ASL 001, Foreign Language, PHIL or REL) 3
Science Crs
BIOL 0031 or SWSS 0051 3
Social Science Crs
POLS 0211 3
EC 0111 3
PSYC 0011 3
PSYC 1521 3
SOC 0011 3
General Education Elective Crs
Non-Western/Non-European Culture Elective 3
Total Credits  
Professional Requirements
Professional Coursework Crs
SWSS 002 Foundations of Social Work2 3
SWSS 003 Human Needs & Social Services2 3
SWSS 147 D2:Human Behavior in the Social Environment I3 3
SWSS 148 D2:Human Behavior in the Social Environment II3 3
SWSS 060 D1:Racism & Contemporary Issues2 3
SWSS 163 Theory & Integration Prep Seminar3 3
SWSS 164 Intro to Social Work Research3 3
SWSS 165 Issues & Policy in Social Welfare I3 3
SWSS 166 Issues & Policy in Social Welfare II3 3
SWSS 168 Social Work Practice I3 3
SWSS 169 Social Work Practice II3 3
SWSS 171 Field Experience Seminar I3 3
SWSS 172 Field Experience Seminar II3 3
SWSS 173 Field Experience I3 6
SWSS 174 Field Experience II3 6
Total Credits  
Total Credits  
Math is not required but students who intend to pursue a Master of Social Work degree are strongly encouraged to complete STATS 141-Basic Statistical Methods.
Students must complete one elective related to Non-Western and Non-European cultures. This course must be approved by your Social Work advisor.
Electives: Minimum of 44 credit hours.
All courses taken to fulfill the General Education and Professional Requirements categories must be completed for a grade.
1Must have a minimum grade of C-.
2Must have a minimum grade of C.
3Must have a minimum grade of B.

Program completion in Social Work requries a minimum of 122 approved credit hours. Students must earn an average GPA of 2.0 or better in the required liberal arts and sciences courses.
Catalogue year 2013-2014
June 1, 2013


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