University of Vermont

Step by Step Guide to Viewing Your CATS Report on the Web

Watch a video demo OR follow instructions below:

  1. If possible, use Internet Explorer as your browser. Go to: User Login for Student/Faculty Information System(SIS)
  2. Type in your: NetId / UVM ID and Password / PIN. Click "Login."
  3. At the Student Menu, click the CATS Reports link.
  4. Click the Submit an Audit link.
  5. Select Latest (all) (this is currently the only option available) and List All Requirements and click Run Audit. (Note: You may select "Incomplete Requirements Only" or "Complete Requirements Only" if you wish but the "List All Requirement" option is recommended because it provides the most information.
  6. Click the view submitted audits link.
  7. Click your degree program to access your audit.
  8. Your audit will appear below the Disclaimer. Scroll down the page to view the audit, or you may click on the red navigation buttons to be taken to various sections of the audit. A legend appears at the bottom of the audit for your reference.
  9. To return to the list of audits, use your browser's back button or click the Return to Audit List link. To return to the main CATS menu click the Return to Student CATS Menu link.
  10. When you are done submitting and viewing audits, click the Exit link in the upper right hand corner.

Family members occasionally request access to your information and this is a reminder that only you can give them that access. For example, if they want to see your CATS report, you can give them a printed copy or online access with your pin number.

Last modified September 20 2012 03:37 PM