CS 1210

Computer science is a science of abstraction—creating the right model for a problem and devising the appropriate mechanizable techniques to solve it.

–Alfred V. Aho

Introduction to Programming

Presented here is a subset of materials for use in CS 1210 Introduction to Programming. What follows is incomplete, and subject to revision, deletion, and rearrangement.

Textbook: Cafiero, Clayton. 2023. An Introduction to Programming and Computer Science with Python. ISBN: 979-8-9887092-0-6. Hard copy available in UVM Bookstore starting mid-August 2023 (price should be $13.65). Revision history (from first print edition forward)

Feedback, including reports of errata, criticisms, suggestions, and proposed revisions, is warmly encouraged. For bonus points awarded to students for finding defects and providing corrections, see: Defects and bonus points


Since we’ll be writing programs in Python, you’ll need… Python!

Selections from the textbook

Here are selections from the textbook, An Introduction To Programming and Computer Science With Python (a work in progress).

01: Introduction

02: Programming and the Python Shell

03: Types and literals

04: Variables, statements, and expressions

05: Functions

06: Style

07: Console I/O

08: Branching and Boolean expressions

09: Structure, development, and testing

10: Sequences

11: Loops and iteration

12: Randomness, games, and simulations

13: File I/O

14: Data analysis and presentation

15: Exception handling

16: Dictionaries

17: Graphs


Supplemental material not in ITPACS