The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the quality and integrity of the University’s financial statements including the selection of, and effective interaction with, the independent auditor; and promoting the development and monitoring the effectiveness of institutional systems of risk management, internal controls, accounting procedures, and compliance with laws and regulations. The Committee has full authority over the internal audit function including the appointment, evaluation, and termination of the Chief Internal Auditor.

For more information, please visit the Audit Committee Charter and Guidelines (PDF).

Trustees and Representatives


Shap Smith (chair)
Jodi Goldstein (vice chair)
David Aronoff
Otto Berkes
Ed Pagano
Berke Tinaz
Catherine Toll


Barbara Arel (faculty)
Susan Higgins (alumni)
Mindy Kear (staff)
Zyakkiriah Rhoden (student)
Alison Hall (graduate student)
Doug Hoffer (Vermont State Auditor)

Agendas and Approved Minutes

Action items endorsed by the committee and referred for board action are posted on the resolutions page upon approval.


September 13, 2021Agenda (PDF) 
April 12, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


November 9, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 14, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 13, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 6, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 30, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


November 4, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 9, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 8, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 8, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 31, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


November 5, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 17, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 9, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 16, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 1, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)