Telecommunications and Network Services has developed Infrastructure Standards (includes pdf ) that ensure the deployment of a uniform and cost efficient telecommunicationsand data network infratstructure.   UVM TNS Symbols document available in CAD format upon request.

There are 205 buildings on campus and 8 Remote Sites that Telecommunications monitors on a daily basis.  TNS provides and maintains all telephony, fiber and ethernet cabling within all buildings on campus including the wired and wireless connections. There are over 300 telecommunications rooms containing switches and major fiber splices

Switches are used to aggregate all the wiring into one space.  From there, it is connected to the next level of telecommunication room, a point of entry, before it is routed to one of the three major switch rooms located at Mann Hall, Waterman and Southwick.  TNS maintains nearly 1000 switches with over 15,000 switch ports.

New and renovated buildings have good wiring capable of high speed connections (100 mbit or gigabit) Category 5e or Category 6.  There are a wide variety of rooms in various stages of upgrades.  Older buildings that have not been renovated are not capable of high speed connections due to the quality of wire.

There are one to several telecommunications rooms per building.  They contain fiber connections between locations and to conduits as well as switches.  This includes providing connections for:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Building Control Systems
  • CatCard Services
  • Campus closed circuit cameras
  • Destop Computers
  • Wireless Access Points

Miles and miles of fiber and copper are required to maintain all of the connections.  There are 92 maintenance holes of various sizes.  TNS is responsible for maintaining all fiber and copper which includes making sure backhoes and blasting do not disrupt service.

Remote Sites

TNS maintains connections to and within 8 remote sites in Chittenden County via a "county ring" of fiber.

The remote sights are:

  • Rubenstein Center
  • Flynn Avenue
  • BioResearch Complex
  • Technology Park (Data Center)
  • Fort Ethan Allen
  • Colchester Research Facility
  • Forestry Center
  • Water Tower Hill

Infrastructure Standards (pdf)

To Report Voice Issues (email link):                        (802) 656-3337

To Report Network Issues (email link):                   (802) 656-8888

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