The Telecommmunications infrastructure that TNS maintains is roughly the size of a small city.  The Telcom staff maintains and supports:

  • 5000 telephones
  • the "frame" of the telephones
  • a PBX system
  • a Voicemail system
  • Call recording for 911

We provide call center applications like Automatic Call Distribution and Automatic Attentdant to departments such as Admissions, Financial Aid, the Student Health Center and the ETS Helpline.

We are currently in the process of migrating the current PBX to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system.  Please refer to our website  - VoIP Conversion for more information



Nortel System and Telephones

Nortel Telephone Model 3904

We are using multiple Nortel phones models, the latest one being M3904.  All the telephones that are currently being deployed are refurbished models and cost $60.00 per phone. Programming of the telephone and voicemail boxes are set up and maintained by our telecommunications staff.

Cisco System and Telephones

Cisco Telephone Model 8841

Three models of Cisco telephones are currently being deployed.  The phones are $285.00 per phone.  The initial telephone and voicemail setup will be done by our telecommunications staff. After the initial set-up and installation, each individual will have the ability to change their own voicemail password and to access their voicemail through the web with a Personal Communications Assistant (PCA).  Different display backgrounds will also be available so that each person can make adjustments that best fit them. Please use these documents to help you become familiar with the new phones and features.  The documents will guide you on how to use them. 

Personal Connections Assistant (PCA) - Voicemailbox Instructions (pdf)

Web Inbox Instructions (pdf)

Cisco 8841-8851 Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Cisco 7965 Quick Start Guide (pdf)


Phone Troubles

We try to resolve all troubles within 1 - 2 business days. 

Nortel phones: Please call 199 or email

Cisco Phones:  Please call 656-4900 or email


All Voice Service Requests are Submitted by using our VeraSMART system.  You must be an authorized user to submit a work order in VeraSMART. Once you have created your work order in VeraSMART, you will receive a work order number which you will need if you have any questions.

Voice Service Requests

For voice service request, please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.  Once your voice service request is submitted, you will receive a work order number by email.  Please reference this number when requesting information about the service request.  Our department needs seven to ten business days to complete a new service request.

Nortel Voicemail Box

To request a new voicemail box, please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.  Once the voicemail box is setup, you will receive an instructional email that includes your voice mail box number and a temporary password.  Voicemail boxes are free but a budget number is required.  Please review the  CPQuickRef guide includes a pdf for your voicemail box.  If, after reading the guide, you have any questions please contact our telecommunications department at 6.3337.  You can also email directly for assistance.

Forgotten Voicemail Box Password

Please contact us at or 656-3337 to have your password reset.


ReAssign Voicemail Boxes

Please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request


Deleting Voicemail Boxes

Please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.

Cisco Voicemail Box

Forgotten Voicemail Box Password

Log into MyVoicemail (email link)


ReAssign Voicemail Boxes

Please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.


Deleting Voicemail Boxes

Please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.

Long Distance Access Codes

Please note UVM policy: Long Distance calls using long distance codes are for UVM business only.

If you require a long distance access code, please have you department manager submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request.  You MUST specify if the code needs to grant international access.

To place a long distance phone call:
Dial 80 + 1 + area code + phone number, at beeps enter your code then #.

To place an international call:
Dial 80 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number, at beeps enter code then #

Please note UVM policy is: long distance calls using long distance codes are for UVM business only.

Conference Call Requests

The Telecommunications Department now has the capability to set up conference calls using our own conference bridge. Our conference bridge will support 32 participants. Please submit a VeraSMART Conference Call Order request with the date and time as well as the number of participants.  Our staff will then assist you in setting up your conference call.  Once the conference call has been set up, our staff will email you:

  • a toll free number for participants calling long distance
  • a local phone number for local participants (on campus and in the local area).

The caller dials the number at the designated time. A recording will come on and guide you through the process.
The fee for using the conference bridge is:

  • $16.00/set up fee (This fee applies if call is cancelled after setup)
  • $0.10/min. per participant

If you have any questions regarding conference calls, please contact us at 656-3337.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

An ACD allows multiple callers to simultaneously dial in on one phone line and each call will be distributed automatically to various numbers in the department..  If no phone line is available, each caller will be placed on hold and into a queue.  The calls will be distributed to the first available agent.  The hourly labor rate is applied to the initial setup and programming.  To request an ACD be designed or changed, please submit a VeraSMART ACD Order request.

Automatic Attendent (Phone Tree)

A Phone Tree allows the phone to be answered automatically and the caller would be given a choice of options to direct themselves to the correct phone line.  To request an Auto Attendant, please submit a VeraSMART Phone Order request. Please indicate how you would like the application to work. The hourly labor rate is applied to setup this service.  We will use your email address to contact you for questions.  Once it is designed, we will ask you to test the menu for any changes needed.