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Events for Students BY Students

UVM Program Board (UPB) is a student-led group charged with bringing exciting, dynamic, and diverse campus events and activities to YOU - the UVM student.

Our goal is to provide entertainment that meets the diverse needs of our campus and we've created, hosted, and sponsored a number of awesome events over the years, including: comedian Michelle Wolf, SpringFest featuring the Two Door Cinema Club, Tim Zimmerman (Author of award winning documentary, Black Fish), Laverne Cox, Battle of the Bands, Weekly Pub Quiz tournaments, International Film & Food events, and so much more!

Want to join UPB? Applications are open! 

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How is UPB Funded?

UPB receives its funding from student fees that are collected as part of the funding for the Davis Center. The funds are designated for programming that meets the diverse needs of the UVM community.

Is UPB a Club?

Nope! UVM Program Board (UPB) is a student-led programming organization at the University of Vermont, and is housed under Campus Programs in the Department of Student Life. UPB positions are paid - thus participation in UPB is considered employment.

Who's on UPB?

Folks just like you! UPB is made up of your fellow UVM students - people who are interested and passionate about movies, music, art, comedy, and having fun! All currently and actively enrolled full time undergraduate students are eligible to apply for UPB. More info about how you can get involved is available on our join our team page.

How do I Join UPB?

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Have an artist, speaker, or event suggestion? Give us a shout - we're programming events for YOU and want to hear about what kinds of events you're looking for.

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Fun Fact #234

UPB and UVM BORED are the same thing, right? Easy mistake to make, but we're two different organizations! UVM Program Board (that's us!) plan, program, and create events - while our friends over at UVM BORED (like, "I'm bored!") just market all the events happening both on- and off-campus.  Our events are always on BORED though...

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