The cost of participating in TREK varies according to the type of trip you choose. Higher program costs reflect the need for specialized group equipment or instructors that are a part of the trip (ie - kayaks, mountain bike guides, climbing gear, etc). The more expensive options are in no way proportional to the amount of fun and experiential value that all our TREK programs are designed to offer.

Your TREK fees cover the cost of food, lodging, transportation, group gear usage, watercraft rental, instruction, a t-shirt, and administrative costs necessary to run the program.  Depending on the gear required for your trip, you may need to purchase additional personal equipment to attend your trip (sleeping bag, hiking boots, etc) - which may incur additional expenses for trip attendees. 


These fees represent pricing from our previous trips, and could change in 2023. We will update this page soon with information on our upcoming trips!  

Adventure Sport Basecamp Trips
 Adirondack Rock + Hike - $850
 Mountain Bike - $1100*
* Optional Bike Rental Fee: $295
 Vermont Multi-Sport - $850
 Whitewater - $1100
Affinity Trips
 Mosaic - $675*
* For BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or Students of Color)
 Pride - $675*
* For students who identify as LGBTQIA+
 Transfer - $800*
* * For students who have Transfered to UVM in 2022
Backcountry Trips
 Backpacking - $800
 Canoeing - $850
 Lake Champlain Rowing Expedition - $900
 Sea Kayaking - $900
Service Trips
  Better Burlington - $775
  Catamount Trail & Conservation - $775
  Service Pride - $775
  Farm & Food - $775
  Habitat for Humanity - $775



Paying for TREK

Payment for your TREK trip is expected at the time of registration. We will not be taking payment during our initial lottery process.  Once you recieve word that you were picked through the lottery, you'll fill out a full registration form, including payment for your trip. Our reservation system accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, as well as e-checks.

If you apply for Financial Support, you will be able to note this on the lottery form and we will follow up with any additional questions. Should you receive support, we will let you know before registration, so you can make an informed decision about the cost of the program.

Additional Costs

It should be noted that group gear and technical equipment (except bike rentals) are covered in the cost of your TREK program (tents, stoves, canoes, life jackets…etc) - but individual gear is not (sleeping bags, clothing…etc).

Due to the number of TREK participants, TREKkies must provide their own personal equipment.  We encourage you to view the packing list for the trip(s) you are interested in and be aware of the "must have" items you'll need to be safe and comfortable during TREK. 

On a first come first served basis, limited gear is available to borrow for free from UVM Outdoor Programs. Priority is given to students receiving financial support to attend TREK. If you are not receiving financial support for TREK, you may still request rental equipment, but know there may not be enough.

Please Note: Students must have proper equipment when they arrive at TREK check-in. TREK Leaders will review your packs upon arrival and any missing items will have to be purchased from local retailers prior to departure for your trip. Purchasing listed items at home will avoid additional expense and stress of trying to obtain these items in the limited time available before your trips depart.

Financial Support

A limited amount of support in the form of reduced program fees is available for those in need of financial assistance. The Offices of Outdoor Programs and Civic Engagement partner with the Office of Financial Assistance to provide as much support as possible. We may reach out for additional information. We will offer you your financial assistance package when you are informed of your trip placement, so that you can make a well-informed decision about your trip based on the cost. Packages will range from 25% covered to fully covered.

How to Apply for Support

During the lottery process, you will be able to indicate your request for financial support. Requesting financial support will have absolutely no bearing on your acceptance into TREK. Following the lottery, we will award financial support based on the financial assistance received from the University. We also recognize that the traditional Financial Aid process doesn't capture all the needs. We will follow up with those who do not qualify for official university aid for further information.               

Notification Timeline

Notifications regarding the amount of support the TREK program can provide will be sent via the e-mail address provided in your lottery form when you receive your lottery acceptance. 

During registration you'll pay a smaller fee depending on the amount of assistance you have received. 


Cancellation Policy

If your plans change and you need to cancel your TREK registration, you can easily do so by contacting our office by phone: (802) 656-2060 or email: Cancellations made on or before June 24th will be fully refunded. Cancellations made between June 25th and July 22nd will be refunded 50%. Those made after July 23rd are not guaranteed and only granted at the discretion of the TREK Directors. At this point, 50% refunds are only granted based on our ability to fill vacated spaces in trips.

All cancellations of registrations paid by credit card (regardless of when the cancellation is made) will be refunded less a 5% credit card processing fee.

Our cancellation policy reflects the challenge, extra work, and sometimes material costs required to fill trips as the summer progresses. Our lottery system followed by our formal registration will allow you time to think through your summer plans and make an informed decision about the trip you have been selected to go on. As we get closer to TREK, our efforts move from registration to preparation to get trips out the door and leaders trained. The more fluctuation we face in our groups during that time, the more challenging it is for us to prepare. We do understand that things come up that are out of anyone's control, so please do not hesitate to reach out and we will talk through them with you. 

TREK Timeline

April 1 through May 6 
Lottery Open

Early June
Notification of lottery acceptance. Will have one week to complete registration. 

Until June 24
Full Refund Granted for Cancellation

June 25-July 22
50% Refund Granted for Cancellation

July 23+
50% Refund Granted for Cancellation at discretion of the TREK staff. 

August 19
9AM - NOON - Registration & Move-in

NOON - 2:30 - Move-in continues

3:00 - Official TREK Welcome and Family Goodbye

August 19 - 24

August 24
Trips Return in the morning,  

NOON - Lunch and Closing Ceremony

August 24/25
Transition to Orientation