The incoming UVM Class of 2025 is already ‘on the move’ and we (the Department of Student Life along with the Department of Residential Life) are already hard at work planning and preparing for their arrival. We’re looking to welcome them ‘home’ with wide open arms when they arrive in the fall and we need your help to do it!

How Can I Help?

We need friendly, helpful faces to help people move in.  This includes volunteers to greet and direct folks as they arrive on campus (Welcomers), and folks ready and willing to help unload cars and carry student supplies and furniture to their residence hall rooms (Movers).  

All volunteers will receive a limited-edition move-in t-shirt and a lunch voucher for move-in day.

Who Can Volunteer?

Any UVM offices, staff, faculty, student clubs, and engaged community members can help us move folks in.  Registrants can volunteer as a group (office, club, etc) or an individual using the registration form below.

Please Note: If you are volunteering as an individual - make sure you haven't already been counted by your office, department, or club before registering yourself.

What's the Timeline?

We will be Accepting Volunteers through July 8th, 2021. 

Volunteer t-shirt pick-up will occur mid-August. 

This year’s first year move-in will occur across two days - Thursday, August 26th and Friday, August 27th. Students will be moving in by learning community during these days. We will communicate with registered volunteers to verify their scheduled dates, times, and expectations later this summer.

Please be sure to coordinate with your office whether or not you will be registering as an individual so we don’t accidentally count you twice. Don’t hesitate to contact the Department of Student Life at if you have any questions about volunteering.

Ready to Volunteer? Click the link and follow the registration form below and follow the prompts - sign-in requires you to use your UVM E-mail address:



MOVE-IN Volunteer FAQs

What is a 'Welcomer'?

Welcomer volunteer positions do not require one to lift/move anything. These folks will be asked to help welcome students and families, provide information and directions, assist with parking management/flow of traffic, and manage information booths.

What is a 'Mover'?

Movers are volunteer positions that are bit more athletic and will require you to assist new students moving whatever size boxes you feel able to handle to their new rooms.  This often includes ascending and descending many flights of stairs or moving materials in limited elevators. These positions require moderate-high physical activity. 

Will food be provided if I volunteer?

Yes. All volunteers will receive a meal voucher good for specific dining halls for the day of move-in.

What shifts are available?

At present, we are asking people to preference their availability between two blocks of time: 7:30am - 11:30am and 11:00am - 3:00pm on Thursday, August 26th and/or Friday, August 27th. We ask that when committing to a shift you commit to the entire block of time. Of course, we welcome any additional time you are willing to provide. The more help the better! 

Please Note: We will communicate with registered volunteers as the summer progresses to confirm their times, dates, and locations.

I don't plan to help with the move-in - can I still get a t-shirt?

Unfortuntely we are not resourced to provide shirts for non-volunteers.  If your office, department, or organization would like shirts but are not volunteering, please reach out to us so we can discuss a possible chartstring transfer to include your department in our order.

I want to help move-in at a specific location, is that possible?

We welcome you to preference a location in your registration form and we'll do our best to make sure you're able to help there - but we can't guarantee that is where we will place you.  Because our need for help is spread out throughout the entire campus - and because our first year numbers are different from residence hall to residence hall, we may need to place you or parts of your group in other locations. We hope you'll be just as eager to help folks regardless of where you are placed. 

Please also note that as move-in dates are based on learning community this year, your availability might not align with complexes that are moving in.

I'm a student, can I volunteer?

At this time, only students who are a part of a UVM club or organization are able to volunteer.  Club leaders should collect information and register their club participants on behalf of their organizations.  If you are an unaffiliated student who would like to volunteer, please reach out to us ( to see if we are able to make an accommodation. 

If I'm part of a student org that volunteers - will I get to move in early? 

We're still working with Residential Life to understand the safety guidelines that will dictate whether we can allow volunteering students to move in early.  If we are able to accomodate this - registered student organizations will need to follow up with us ( with the names and netids of all students who are looking to move in early.  Only after we have this information will those students, and only those students, be granted access to the halls.

We will communicate this information and timeline in advance with student orgs who register.  We will not be able to accommodate students who do not submit this information.

We need to add or subtract people from our original registration. Can we do that?

Yes. If your numbers have changed, please let us know as soon as possible so we can account for them in volunteer placement, voucher orders, and t-shirt production.  You can e-mail us at



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