Arial view of the UVM campus

The individual departments within the Division of Student Affairs have and will continue to regularly conduct student needs assessments and implement satisfaction surveys for various programs and services (e.g., orientation, opening weekend, tutoring, Next Step social justice retreat, dining satisfaction, health services, off-campus quality of life).   We will also continue to assess the effectiveness of our staff development and training programs (e.g., New Staff Orientation, Divisional Diversity Series), which also serve to improve the student experience.  Where applicable, departments will continue to routinely benchmark their results against peer institutions’ programs.

Results Based Accountability

However, in order to achieve more strategic changes and outcomes, the Division of Student Affairs has adopted the framework of Results Based Accountablilty (RBA).  RBA provides a structured way to assess the effectiveness of programs and initiatives that allows organizations to use their “ends” in order to determine the means.  Our desired “ends” or result is students who are healthy, engaged and successful. In order to achieve this result, our departments will collaborate with each other, our students, and with our academic partners to take the necessary action steps that will ultimately improve the overall student experience and that align with the University's Strategic Plan.


For inquiries related to assessment, email Steve Szopinski - Senior Assessment and Technology Specialist