Waiver of Confidentiality

Some students wish to engage the support and advice of third parties (e.g., parents, attorneys, faculty advisors). In order to permit the Center for Student Conduct or the Dean of Students or designee to disclose information to third parties pertaining to the student’s conduct record, a Waiver of Confidentiality must be completed and submitted prior to this disclosure.


Request for Reports and Acknowledgement for Receipt of Confidential Information

You have the right to review any reports and other documents associated with your conduct case. Sometimes, these reports will contain information pertaining to additional students. You have an obligation to keep that information confidential and private. You may submit a Request for Documents as long as you are willing to agree to keep the information confidential.

If you have graduated or left UVM, please contact the Vice Provost and Dean of Students office for your records. Please do not fill out this form.