Eleanor Jaffe ’23 Finds a Career Path in Ecology and Community in Club Rugby

Two images side by side, left: Eleanor Jaffee sitting in a gondola smiling, right: the UVM Women's Rugby Club team in 2023

“I went to class, I worked, and I played rugby.”  

This is how Eleanor Jaffe sums up her four years at the University of Vermont (UVM). It may seem like too simple a recap, but each of those areas of college life held countless memorable experiences for Eleanor. 


A tour of UVM brought Eleanor ’23 to the northeastern U.S. for the first time. Eleanor grew up in...

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Group of 20 students stand on top of green roof overlooking view of University of Vermont campus.

Undergraduate Class Projects Contribute to Rubenstein School Net Zero Energy Goals

Each spring, for 22 years, undergraduates have teamed up with faculty and staff in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont (UVM) to advance energy efficiency and greening of the School, its buildings, and its vehicle fleet.

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On the left Dr. Morales-Williams samples freshwater from an ice covered lake, on the right a frozen Lake Champlain

Some Blooms Like it Hot, Others Like it Cold

In recent years it has become increasingly common that on some of the hottest days of the summer, the freshwater lakes and ponds that we rely on to cool down are closed due to dangerous cyanobacterial blooms.

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