Not sure if ROTC is for you? We're here to help you figure that out. Below you will find information on the responsibilities of a Cadet, scholarship opportunities, and what to expect after commisioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Students participating in the UVM ROTC program are, first and foremost, students! Army Officers are required to hold a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university in order to be eligible for commission in the U.S. Army. The ROTC offices, located in the Adams House, provide students with a quiet and comfortable place to study and work on assignments. The Adams House is located across the street from the student center, the Davis Center, and just minutes from the Patrick Gym! We place a heavy emphasis on success in the classroom.

Are you in high school and are interested in applying for a National Scholarship? Follow this link to learn more about requirements and steps to compete! 

If you are interested but are already enrolled at UVM or one of our connected universities follow this link!

Interested in serving but are hesitant about active duty? Check out our Army Reserves and National Guard scholarship opportunities here!

Want to pursue a career in nursing? There are ample scholarship opportunities available to current and prospective nursing students. Find more information here!

Students in the UVM ROTC program have unique training opportunities, which include:

  • Airborne School
  • Air Assault School
  • Military Mountaineer (Mountain Warfare School)
  • Mountain Planner Course
  • Sapper Leader Course
  • Tactical Information Operations Planners Course
  • Combatives Level I
  • Cadet Troop Leader Training
  • Cadet Basic/Advanced Camp


  • Cadets Van Patten and Hester graduate from Mountain Warfare school.

    Academics and Learning

    Each semester, Cadets take one class as part of the ROTC curriculum in order to fulfill their commissioning requirements. This class is held once a week and includes both classroom instruction as well as practical excercises at nearby Army National Guard training facilities. The purpose of these classes is to teach the fundamentals of leadership, small-unit tactics, and general Soldiering tasks and skills to all future military leaders. Students will earn 18 credits for these courses over four years at UVM. Additionally, the Army incentivizes Cadets to learn strategic languages, such as Russian or Mandarin, by offering Cadet Language Incentive Program (CLIP) pay for every credit they study.

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