Cadet Battalion Commander: Cadet Margaret Haley

Command Philosophy

1. The mission of the Green Mountain Battalion is to prepare and develop its cadets for their future careers as Army officers through providing opportunities to learn and develop as leaders.

a. Presence. We have to be present in order to learn and develop as leaders.

1.) Engagement. Challenge yourself to be an active member of this program regardless of your contract status.

2.) Communication. Constant communication ensures people are well-informed. Use your chain of command and respond to your chain of command.

3.) Commitment. Do not overcommit to optional training. Pick and choose the ones that challenge you or interest you the most, while maintaining a balance with your academics.

b. Development. We are here to create an environment to learn and grow as people and leaders. It’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

1.) Personal Development. Effective leaders are well-rounded. Seek opportunities outside of ROTC to develop your knowledge and know when you need to ask for help.

2.) Program Development. We owe it to each other to build this program up and make each other better leaders. Upperclassmen are going to work hard to create the best training for the underclassmen, and underclassmen should work hard to be invested in the training.

c. Character. Doing what you know is right, being honest to yourself and others around you.

1.)Integrity. Hold yourself accountable to manage all your commitments and develop yourself where you need to.

2). Empathy. Watch out for one another. Being an ROTC Cadet can be challenging, we all understand that. Take the time to check in with one another. Apply the Warrior’s ethos in everyday life.

I am excited to finish out this academic year with you all as your Battalion Commander. The spring semester holds a lot of great training and opportunities, and I look forward to seeing you all accomplish them.