Cadet Battalion Commander: Cadet Timothy Forkey

Command Philosophy

Our mission is to create Leaders, tactically and technically proficient individuals confident and
capable to accomplish the mentally, physically and morally complex tasks placed before them
by peers, classmates and the United States Army. The pillars we build this on are as follows:

  • Innovation and Individual Ownership: Every member of the Green Mountain Battalion is called to be a leader each and every day, within the Battalion as well as among your civilian peers. We set ourselves apart by personally taking on all challenges set before us. We hold ourselves to a higher moral standard and are conscientious of all our actions, we are a representative of the Battalion and United States Army in everything we do. Remember, this is your Battalion, own it, steward it and develop it in everything you do.
  • Trust: We must confidently rely on our fellow Cadets as well as the tools we are provided. This program is a family, and each individual has a role to play. Strive to understand your position and those of your peers, have confidence in them and develop yourself to be worthy of their trust.
  • Excellence: We strive as Cadets, students and leaders, to be the best we can be. In this program there are no half measures. It is ok and expected that you will fail, in fact good training will push you beyond what you are capable of. This is our time to learn, grow and develop. Excellence is not defined by success but by what is achieved through the application of full effort.
  • Communication: Your most powerful tool is communication. While we each work individually, our ability to quickly and clearly relay information makes us a team. Not only to talk but to ask questions, listen and respect the input of our teammates. This skill, is essential to everything we do as a program.

I am honored to act as your Battalion Commander for this fall semester. I am excited for the
opportunities, training events and everything to come. I can promise this semester will be
challenging, physically and mentally but it will also be one of the most rewarding experiences
many of you have ever undergone.

I ask that you be open to these experiences and welcome to the challenges ahead. I am looking
forward to a great semester.