Cadet Battalion Commander: Cadet Alyssa Ellis

Command Philosophy

1. The Green Mountain Battalions' mission is to train and develop lifelong leaders who will serve in the United States Army as an officer. We strive to be among the best ROTC program in the nation, developing competent, confident, and caring leaders.

a. Readiness. The army emphasizes mission readiness in order to maintain a force ready for any challenge thrown their way.

(1) Mental health. Cadets must be able to care for their mental health in order to help care for others. Good mental health is vital for lifelong success.

(2) Physical Health. Cadets must maintain their physical health in order to excel in physical fitness, maximize training, and to be ready for any opportunity that may come their way

b. Motivation. Find what motivates you to become an officer.

(1) Esprit de corps. Take pride within the program and use it to inspire and motivate others. Work to foster a program you want to be a part of, and others wish they were a part of.

(2) Have fun. Enjoy the work you do. Set aside time every day to do something you enjoy.

c. Excellence. Strive to do your personal best in everything you do. Never settle for good enough. Strive for excellence not for personal gratification but for the betterment of others. Leave a legacy for others to model after.

(1) Academics. Make academics a priority and always strive to learn more. Become a lifelong learner.

(2) Mistakes. When striving for excellence, failure is inevitable; it is what you do after that counts.

d. Integrity. To do what is right morally and ethically no matter who is watching.

(1) Respect. Treat your peers with respect at all times; you never know who may be listening.

(2) SHARP/EO. Cadets will uphold all standards of SHARP and EO

(3) Lead by Example. You can't expect anyone to uphold standards that you don't uphold yourself.

e. Teamwork. Great success is achieved when working in cooperation with others.

(1) Chain of Command. Communicate, cooperate and coordinate through the
chain of command

(2) Communication. The only problem we cannot solve are the ones we don't know about.

2. I am honored to work alongside everyone this semester as the battalion commander. I look forward to seeing everyone continue to grow and develop into exceptional leaders. I ask that you keep this command philosophy in mind as we proceed throughout the semester and join me in making this semester one we all can enjoy.