Everyone in a circle

Play, Learn, and Grow together 

Universities and Colleges have a variety of communities within them, each having unique needs. UVM Center for Adventure and Teambuilding can help your group "break the ice," open up discussions around topics of diversity and inclusion, develop grit and perseverence, or bond in new ways. After a few hours of playing, working, and struggling together students become closer as a group, creating a safe space for learning. Participants will be challenged - some mentally, some physically and some emotionally - and encouraged to take risks that will help them to grow. 

Be it a varsity or club sports team, an orientation program, a group of RAs, a residence hall, a religious/spiritual organization, a cohort of masters students, or a service or academic club, we will design a program that has your group goals in mind and help the students to transfer learning back to their typical environment. 

Our activities empower students to:

• Develop positive and patient means of communication in a digital age.
• Look to others for support in challenging circumstances.
• Explore what leadership looks like.
• Work together to develop creative solutions.

Past and present clients include:
UVM Orientation Leaders, UVM Wilderness Trek Leaders, Champlain College LEAD Peer Advisors, UVM Medical School Incoming Students Orientation, UVM Hillel, Middlebury College Student Activities Board, Norwich Orientation Leaders, Champlain College Psychology Department, Vermont EBSCoR Interns, UVM SEMBA


    Hopefully these questions are some that you have! Please be in touch if we have not answered your questions below. 

How do I book a program?

Fill out our contact us form or call Megan at 802 656 – 9111. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm participating in a program, what should I expect?

Be ready to have fun, be engaged and to challenge yourself! Expect to learn something new about yourself and about your group. Every program at with UVM Center for Adventure and Teambuilidng is unique - your program may be indoors or out at the course. It may be focused on fun and teambonding or have a more specific focus such as working on communication or leadership skills. We may utilize low and high elements, or just be focused on ground work.  

Are ropes courses safe?

Adventure activities all carry inherent risk. Our course and equipment is managed by well-trained staff and inspected on a regular basis in order to minimize risk. Our goal is to create an environment where participants can challenge themselves while staying physically and emotionally safe. 

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that you can move in and comfortable close-toed shoes. Layers are helpful as it is often cooler in the forest. If your program is indoors, wear what suits you. Ulimately, you are going to be at your best if you are comfortable and able to move well. 

What should I bring with me?

• Completed and signed Liability and Medical Information form (Your group’s coordinator may collect these in advance)
• Snacks/lunch (Please note, any trash you bring into the course must be packed out)
• A full water bottle (We have no running water on the course)
• Extra layers (It’s always cooler in the forest)
• A raincoat (Our programs run rain or shine)
• Bug Spray and Sunscreen
• Any special medications you may need, such as bee sting kits or inhalers
• Please do not bring any valuables out to the course. We do not assume responsibility for items left on our course. Our course is located in the woods in South Burlington. People use the trails around our course for walking.

What about my cell phone?

We understand the need to be connected, but we ask for the duration of the day at the course to keep the phones away (except for taking the occasional photo). We hope that this will help to create a positive, comfortable, and safe environment for all our participants. 

What if I am afraid of heights?

We all have different fears and fear of heights is extremely common. Please do not let heights be the reason you decide to stay home.. We encourage individuals to take risks that are healthy for them. Some people who are afraid of heights may find it empowering to try to climb while on belay and encouraged by a supportive team. Others may choose to be supportive by learning to belay or help holding the ladder. It’s important to remember that the high challenge is only part of the day.  You have the freedom to make the choices that are best for you at the course. 

"We are so grateful and appreciative of the time and energy you all put into the Ropes Course on Tuesday. Our team came back from the course feeling proud, empowered, and connected, and truly created an amazing segue into our retreat and our own community building."

- Eric Carnaje, UVM Orientation 


Our prices vary depending on length of time, size of group, and location of your program. Please contact us for booking details and a quote for your event.