Kids at Swing

Reconnect, Communicate, and Change.

Though students may seem more "connected" than ever, many are increasingly lonely and feel like they are not fully known or valued as an individual. "Disconnecting" from technology and coming out to the course can be a great way for students to truly begin to reconnect with one another. Our facilitators will help to create opportunities for students learn, grow, and take risks alongside their peers in a stimulating and supportive environment. Empathy grows as they see surprising commonalities they share with peers and celebrate unique differences and skill set and as a result students begin to feel truly connected, valued, and known. 

Our activities empower students to:

  • Develop positive and patient means of communication in a digital age. 
  • Look to others for support in challenging circumstances. 
  • Look for commonalities and celebrate differences amoung their peers. 
  • Work together to develop creative solutions.
  • Persevere when the going gets tough.
  • Challenge themselves to grow by taking healthy risks. 

Past and present clients include:
Founder’s Memorial Middle School (5th Grade), Milton Middle School, BFA Fairfax, Randolph Union High School, Orwell Village School, Essex Middle School


    Check out our FAQs below and let us know if there is something we missed. We'd be happy to answer whatever questions you have! 

My student is coming to the course with their class, what should they expect?

Your student should be ready to have fun, be engaged and be challenged! They should expect to learn something new about themselves as well as about how teams work. Every program at with UVM Center for Adventure and Teambuilding is unique, but most school groups finish their program with a high element or two. Their program may be focused on fun and teambonding or have a more specific focus such as working on communication or leadership skills. 

I'd like to bring my class to the course. How can I book a program?

Fill out our contact us form or call Megan at 802 656 – 9111. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I come as a chaperone and watch my child?

This is a conversation between you and your school. We welcome chaperones as needed, but would ask guardians to be aware of their participation in the program. We wouldn't want a student to feel forced to do something because their parent is there. Please consider your child when you decide to come to the course or not. 

What should I wear?

Clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in. Close-toed shoes are required. Layers are helpful as it is often cooler in the forest. In the fall/winter gloves and hats are helpful. In the warmer seasons, please make sure that shorts are longer than mid-thigh so that the harness will fit comfortable over them. Ultimately, your child is going to be at their best if they are comfortable and able to move well. 

Are ropes courses safe?

Adventure activities all carry inherent risk. Our course and equipment is managed by well-trained staff and inspected on a regular basis in order to minimize risk. Our goal is to create an environment where participants can challenge themselves while staying physically and emotionally safe. 

What should I bring?

• Completed and signed Liability and Medical Information form (Your group’s coordinator may collect these in advance) *Please make sure that a parent/guardian has completed this form. 
• Snacks/lunch (Please note, any trash you bring into the course must be packed out)
• A full water bottle (We have no running water on the course)
• Extra layers (It’s always cooler in the forest)
• A raincoat (Our programs run rain or shine)
• Bug Spray and Sunscreen
• Any special medications you may need, such as bee sting kits or inhalers
• Please do not bring any valuables out to the course. We do not assume responsibility for items left on our course. Our course is located in the woods in South Burlington. People use the trails around our course for walking.

What about cell phones?

We understand the need to be connected, but we ask for the duration of the day at the course to keep the phones away (except for taking the occasional photo). We hope that this will help to create a positive, comfortable, and safe environment for all our participants.

What if it rains?

As the trees provide a nice canopy over our course, programs will operate during light rain. Please bring a rain jacket if there is a chance of rain in the forecast. 
In case of inclement weather, we may move your program to a different date or offer an alternative indoor experience if requested. We will work with you in advance to discuss a rain plan. Your school will communicate with you if plans change. 

My child has been to a Ropes Course before. How will this experience be different?

Each experience on a ropes course is unique and dependent on the group dynamics, the facilitator, the activities chosen, etc. We hope that your student will come with an open mind ready to participate in the challenges that are set before them. Each course is different and each day even at the same course is unique. 

"It was so inspiring watching our children work together to forge new relationships and to reach new heights yesterday at the UVM Adventure Ropes Course.  I was most impressed by the UVM guides--they were a group of skilled and enthusiastic facilitators who lead the students through a wide variety of social bonding and trust building activities as well as provided opportunities for students to meet personal challenges."

-Meredith, Lake Champlain Waldorf School 


Our prices vary depending on length of time, size of group, and location of your program. Please contact us for booking details and a quote for your event.